Fabulous 300 by Walé AdeyemiThere has been a lot of talk on Kitmeout recently about the whereabouts of Wale Adeyemi. Well it appears the guy is in the USA promoting a new brand, Fabulous 300.

Fabulous 300 brings you the Rolls Royce of street wear, a premium and progressive clothing brand for innovative and forward thinking individuals who seek to create an impact by the clothes on their back.

The man at the helm, UK Creative Director Walé Adeyemi makes sure the Fabulous 300 Collection adorns the wearer with the privilege of being one of the exclusive 300 to rock each Limited Edition garment. With only 300 of each style available worldwide, Fabulous 300 is implanting its exclusivity in the market place and giving the wearer access to an elite crew of luxury street wear leaders.

It seems the days of graffiti bandanas is confined to history!