Rich Yung Jeans & ClothingRich Yung Society Clothing was officially launched in 2006 by Brooklyn rapper John “Fabolous” Jackson.

Known for setting some of Hip Hop cultures biggest trends in the years between 2000 to 2005, Fabolous spoke of wanting to create his own brand minimally. Rich Yung Society clothing was the realization of those words, making the words ‘words do come true’ a timeless classic.

Misspelled by some as Rich Young, RichYung, and YungRich, the official brand name is Rich Yung Society clothing. Fabolous gave the clothing brand the name Rich Yung in thought of a lifestyle and not just a Hip Hop clothing brand title. Rich Yung Society clothing is supposed to embrace a culture of people that are ever-expanding in experience and willing to try things usually stereotyped to a the rich, young, and luxurious trend setters of the world.

Artists from all walks of Hollywood and international fame have been seen in the Rich Yung Society Clothing line. Some of the most popular photos on-line for Rich Yung Society clothing show Hip Hop related celebrities such as Atlanta Rappers TI and Young Jocc wearing the line.

International beat box and vocal instrumentalist “Anointed One,” has also been a poster child for the Rich Young Society clothing line. Photos of the New York native can be seen on-line of him in Rich Yung Society clothing, while performing in countries such as Australia and Europe, while on tour.

At some point in 2006, John Fabolous Jackson tapped an unknown jeweler to create a bulky, diamond covered chain and charm from the Rich Young Society clothing’s logo mold. Rumored to be stolen at one point, the Rich Yung Society chain and charm are constantly seen being worn by Fabolous in videos and media appearances, reflecting light brilliantly.

Rich Yung Society clothing is definitely in high demand internationally. The clothing line’s products have not been kept in stock on any SoJones known web sites. Even the official Rich Yung Society catalogue shop remains selling out briefly after launch of new goods, due to message boards spreading the news like blowing wildfire.

Rich Young Society retail prices start around $75. The Rich Yung T-shirts-shirts start and that price, while Rich Yung hoodies have been seen retailing on-line and in the streets of New York for well over $200 each.

By the end of 2007, Expansion of Rich Young Society clothing is expected by SoJones. Fabolous has made over $100 million dollars for the Mitchell and Ness retro sports apparel company just by wearing their product. Rich Young Society clothing has the same potential with the right backers, and it would only make sense someone offered to silently back the line, making it a retail brand that populates street wear stores internationally.