Made in England by Griffin“Griffin moved out of London 7 years ago into the countryside, this brought about a different approach and outlook on life.

At Griffin we’re working closer to home; yes we still manufacture in Italy because they have different skills to those found in the UK.

I have been looking for new and old manufactures based in England who still have the traditional skills that are reflected in patterns, fabrics and construction – quality.

We are promoting today just 2 of our MADE IN ENGLAND products.

The Griffin British re-shaped Rugby short sleeve shirt which was made close to Nottingham. It has a cut away collar with a stand construction and plays with the British army camo detail underneath.  The quality is great; trust me I have 3 of them, it’s a great change to the t-shirt and can be worn under any jacket.

The  Baracuta G9 jacket was made in London . It is black on the outside with the Griffin embroidery and the reverse has British army camo . We always love the inside out idea, this is why we have left the Baracuta label on.

Next season we have developed and expanded the “Made in England” range even further”.

Jeff Griffin