Sugar Cane Jeans, The Eco Answer?ECO-TIPS FOR JEANS

Sugar Cane Jeans, the original environmentally progressive brand is perhaps the answer to the denim woes highlighted by UNEP? 

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) presents an innovative ad to sensitize young people to climate change through… their jeans!

Paris, France – March 2008 – Among the sustainability challenges that affect our planet, climate change is clearly the most urgent one. Scientific evidence has made it clear that global warming is caused by human activities and notably by our consumption patterns. 

Young and old, we are all concerned. Young people are notably keen to take meaningful actions, but what can they do? Through an entertaining approach with its TV spot “Eco-tips for jeans ” UNEP aims to focus on, what is for many of them, one of their favorite pastimes: fashion in general and “their jeans” in particular.

Today, many in the fashion sector are concerned by their impacts on the environment, due to the exploitation of raw materials, the production, the transport and the generation of waste. However, the life cycle analysis[1] of a pair of jeans shows that the main environmental impact occurs during its use phase[2]. Therefore, the number of times jeans are worn before being washed, the washing temperature, the use of detergents, the machine-drying and the ironing constitute many crucial steps. We also shouldn’t forget that a well maintained garment will last longer, thus generating less waste!

Building upon these findings, the UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP DTIE) decided to produce a TV spot, unique in its message and its approach. It features a couple dancing Tecktonik – a trendy movement in France, which is currently spreading in many countries – in a typical urban environment. Split-screens, powerful messages, catchy music (“Am I wrong” from Etienne de Crécy) aim to sensitize young people to ecological tips in an original way. “We wanted to find a way to make our environmental messages more accessible to young people. Hence our decision to present something positive and engaging that will hopefully prompt young people to take action rather than leaving them feeling helpless”, states Mr. Robert Bisset, Head of Communications at UNEP DTIE.

Clear, concise and relevant tips are highlighted throughout the TV spot: wear your jeans at least 3 times, wash them in cold water, don’t use the dryer, forget the iron, it is 5 times less wasted energy! As the UNEP slogan says: “The world is your home. Look after it.”