Nickels And Dimes Clothing Season 2 Nickels And Dimes releases its second season under the watchful guidance of Nick Von Dime. This time around, the brand proudly introduces “Betty Dime” their ladies’ capsule line featuring vibrant colors and graphics.

The main highlight of the ladies’ line is the SATANA tee, a tribute piece to their favorite gang leader in Russ Meyer’s epic film: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!

Meanwhile the men’s line adds bright colors and keeps the theme playful yet dark for the season’s 1st. delivery.? The highlight pieces are:

GIMME THE LOOT: “Keeping my mind on my money and my money on my mind” tee.
TOUGH AS NAILS: the old school tough-boxer-puncher tee directly from east-flatbush Brooklyn.

The label also unveils their lookbook and ad campaign images commissioned to talented photographer Nathan Abbott, whose past work for Burton Snowboards is flawless with uncanny style.

The release of the second season will be in two installments: November and December. In addition to our website, the product can now be found at selected retailers worldwide: Canada, Singapore, Sweden among others.
Nickels And Dimes Clothing Season 2