Ku Ambiance Presents Its Opening Exhibition Of: “Pacific Mysto: The Art of Don Ed Hardy Inspired by California, Hawaii, and Japan”

On Exhibit and For Sale December 5, 2007 – May 5, 2008.
Ku Ambiance, a Los Angeles-based design company operating six high-fashion stores in Japan announces the opening of their first U.S.A.-based concept store. The new store is located in the upscale shopping district of West Hollywood at the intersection of Huntley and Melrose Avenue. The concept store will open with a special show of art created by Don Ed Hardy in collaboration with Japanese master craftsmen. By blending the extraordinary creations of contemporary artist and tattoo master Don Ed Hardy with traditional Asian design, Ku Ambiance offers a unique “design fusion” in the fine-art / luxury goods market. Ku Ambiance presents modern interpretations of thousand-year-old traditions in Japanese design, in the process creating limited editions of extraordinary art objects for sophisticated customers seeking the ultimate in high-culture décor, fashion, art, and design.

“We have carefully selected manufacturers considered to be the very best in their respective fields of expertise, across categories including clothing, ceramics, furniture and jewelry to name a few,” says Steven Hoel, Co-founder of Ku Ambiance. “Ku Ambiance represents what is truly dynamic about design, taking hand-crafted pieces like kimonos and replacing their traditional patterns with the modern brilliance of Don Ed Hardy’s iconic imagery.” In addition to one-of-a-kind original art, selected works will consist of “no more than” 108 limited edition pieces in any given category. Variations of the number one hundred and eight, a spiritually powerful number in many Eastern religions and traditions, will reoccur throughout all Ku Ambiance products carried in the U.S.A. throughout the year.

Ku Ambiance selected Don Ed Hardy as their first featured artist because of his unique background as an interpreter of traditional designs from Asian culture – many of which he originally explored as tattoo designs. The Don Ed Hardy “Pacific Mysto” exhibit will be displayed in the U.S.A. concept store for six months. Ku Ambiance West Hollywood will host a private grand opening reception to unveil the new collection on December 5, 2007.

Ku Ambiance, a Los Angeles-based design group featuring luxury Japanese art & International products is expanding its network throughout Japan and making its collection available stateside with a West Hollywood concept store scheduled to open in December 2007. For more information about Ku Ambiance, please visit: www.KuAmbiance.com.

The Don Ed Hardy Archive (DEHA) is an online museum exhibit of the iconic imagery of  artist Don Ed Hardy a modern legend for his work in the field of tattoo artistry, Don Ed Hardy now focuses primarily on non-tattoo based art forms including, printmaking, drawing and painting.