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November 2007

Moschino Jeans now Love Moschino

Moschino Jeans now Love MoschinoIt’s the end of the Moschino Jeans era! But fear not, a new dawn rises with Love Moschino. Moschino Jeans was created in 1987 and quickly became recognised as one of the most edgy denim brands of the time. The brand has lost some ground over recent years so hopefully this new venture will inject new life into Moschino denimwear. Why the new name? Apparently Moschino wants to instil the qualities of LOVE into it’s denim collection: empathy, feeling and closeness.The first Love Moschino collection will be distributed in stores beginning of June 2008. Would Franco approve?

Stella McCartney Designer of the Year

Stella McCartney Designer of the Year The annual British Fashion Awards at Lawrence Hall, handed Stella McCartney Designer of the Year award; only the fifth time a women has taken the award in 20 years! Vivienne Westwood recieved the Outstanding Achievement Award and Anya Hindmarch took the award for Best Designer Brand. Not surprisingly, Marc Jacobs store was awarded Best Retail Concept. The British Fashion Awards are an industry event sponsored by the British Fashion Council.

LaVie Clothing Holiday Season 07

LaVie Clothing Holiday Season 07 LaVie Clothing Co. is a LifeStyle brand that has urban influences laced with sophisticated approaches to every design. The company’s purpose is to transcend the marriage of Street-wear and the High-end market, while incorporating a lifestyle of the young professional that desires to live life to the fullest, following his/her dreams and ambitions, while still looking and feeling good wherever they are. LaVie is dedicated to catering to the male and female who have a love for color, quality and of course, that “WOW” effect in every garment.

If you are not familiar with the brand, LaVie, you probably at least know about their first release that went worldwide. The “U Love My Style” tee, that was quickly appreciated by many, from the old and young, to the rich and famous. The tee itself which incorporated screen printing, embroidery and a leather heart was just the introduction to the cut and sew pieces releasing this Holiday Season of 2007.

55DSL is up to its usual tricks!

55DSL is up to its usual tricks! If you go down to the woods (Carnaby St) today, your sure of a big surprise (free art)

Launching on the Grazia magazine shopping evening where Carnaby Street goes wild and lets people collect special gifts, money off and even some type of drink/food depending on what the retailer is offering, 55DSL is up to its usual tricks!
Get to the store on the corner of Newburgh Street and you could be in for a freebie worth the walk.

Madcap Matt Sewell and gigantic Jonny Fu (A.K.A. Ron Jonzo, Ronzo) will be creating hand illustrated Christmas Cards so as well as taking home the latest from 55DSL you can have you own unique piece of artwork, a perfect gift  for friends and families, but to be honest they will be so good you might just want to send one to yourself.

Music will be provided by DJ NickName and shoppers will be re-fulled with a festive Jagermeister bar to help keep them in a suspended state of shopping hapiness. 55DSL also have some great surprises up their collective sleeves as well…. Really, you won’t be disappointed – *crosses heart and hopes to die*

Most people will know Matt as the artist renowend for  drawing an uber-cute world of animals and girls in pastel palettes and for the festive period 55DSL have comissioned a life size verson of his work of a polar bear, the 6ft creature will be camping outside the store complete with a head sized hole for shoppers to stick thier faces through and have thier photo taken as a real life piece of art and experience being hugged by a polar bear!

Join us for art, shopping, booze and music ( but not necessarily in that order).

Date: Thursday 29th November

Location: 55DSL store

Times: 6.00PM – 10.00PM

Nickels And Dimes Clothing Season 2

Nickels And Dimes Clothing Season 2 Nickels And Dimes releases its second season under the watchful guidance of Nick Von Dime. This time around, the brand proudly introduces “Betty Dime” their ladies’ capsule line featuring vibrant colors and graphics.

The main highlight of the ladies’ line is the SATANA tee, a tribute piece to their favorite gang leader in Russ Meyer’s epic film: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!

Meanwhile the men’s line adds bright colors and keeps the theme playful yet dark for the season’s 1st. delivery.? The highlight pieces are:

GIMME THE LOOT: “Keeping my mind on my money and my money on my mind” tee.
TOUGH AS NAILS: the old school tough-boxer-puncher tee directly from east-flatbush Brooklyn.

The label also unveils their lookbook and ad campaign images commissioned to talented photographer Nathan Abbott, whose past work for Burton Snowboards is flawless with uncanny style.

The release of the second season will be in two installments: November and December. In addition to our website, the product can now be found at selected retailers worldwide: Canada, Singapore, Sweden among others.
Nickels And Dimes Clothing Season 2

Ku Ambiance + DEHA


Ku Ambiance Presents Its Opening Exhibition Of: “Pacific Mysto: The Art of Don Ed Hardy Inspired by California, Hawaii, and Japan”

On Exhibit and For Sale December 5, 2007 – May 5, 2008.
Ku Ambiance, a Los Angeles-based design company operating six high-fashion stores in Japan announces the opening of their first U.S.A.-based concept store. The new store is located in the upscale shopping district of West Hollywood at the intersection of Huntley and Melrose Avenue. The concept store will open with a special show of art created by Don Ed Hardy in collaboration with Japanese master craftsmen. By blending the extraordinary creations of contemporary artist and tattoo master Don Ed Hardy with traditional Asian design, Ku Ambiance offers a unique “design fusion” in the fine-art / luxury goods market. Ku Ambiance presents modern interpretations of thousand-year-old traditions in Japanese design, in the process creating limited editions of extraordinary art objects for sophisticated customers seeking the ultimate in high-culture décor, fashion, art, and design.

“We have carefully selected manufacturers considered to be the very best in their respective fields of expertise, across categories including clothing, ceramics, furniture and jewelry to name a few,” says Steven Hoel, Co-founder of Ku Ambiance. “Ku Ambiance represents what is truly dynamic about design, taking hand-crafted pieces like kimonos and replacing their traditional patterns with the modern brilliance of Don Ed Hardy’s iconic imagery.” In addition to one-of-a-kind original art, selected works will consist of “no more than” 108 limited edition pieces in any given category. Variations of the number one hundred and eight, a spiritually powerful number in many Eastern religions and traditions, will reoccur throughout all Ku Ambiance products carried in the U.S.A. throughout the year.

Ku Ambiance selected Don Ed Hardy as their first featured artist because of his unique background as an interpreter of traditional designs from Asian culture – many of which he originally explored as tattoo designs. The Don Ed Hardy “Pacific Mysto” exhibit will be displayed in the U.S.A. concept store for six months. Ku Ambiance West Hollywood will host a private grand opening reception to unveil the new collection on December 5, 2007.

Ku Ambiance, a Los Angeles-based design group featuring luxury Japanese art & International products is expanding its network throughout Japan and making its collection available stateside with a West Hollywood concept store scheduled to open in December 2007. For more information about Ku Ambiance, please visit:

The Don Ed Hardy Archive (DEHA) is an online museum exhibit of the iconic imagery of  artist Don Ed Hardy a modern legend for his work in the field of tattoo artistry, Don Ed Hardy now focuses primarily on non-tattoo based art forms including, printmaking, drawing and painting.

Paul Smith Clothing in Leeds

Paul Smith Clothing in LeedsPaul Smith is pleased to announce the opening of his first shop in Leeds, situated in the North of England. Located in the historic Victorian Quarter, the shop will stock all the main Men’s and Women’s collections throughout its three floors.

“Leeds is a special place to me because all my first tailoring was made there by a factory called Atkinson Rhodes, which sadly no longer exists. Leeds as a city was so much the heart of the textile and manufacturing industry, I am pleased to have a shop there especially in the historic Victorian Quarter. The shop will house an eclectic mix; clothes, objects, gifts and collectibles.” Paul Smith, 2007

Gucci + Mad Madge, save the world!

Gucci + Mad Madge, save the world! Apparently Gucci is working with Madonna to raise funds for orphans in Malawi, where the pop singer has been trying to adopt a child since last year. Gucci will host a fund-raising event with dinner, a musical performance and a party on 6th February 2008 to mark the opening of Gucci’s largest store in the world, on New York’s Fifth Avenue, co-hosted by Madonna.

“I am grateful that Gucci is joining forces with me to bring attention to a country with millions of children in desperate need of our help,” Madonna said in a statement. Gucci, which is owned by French retailer PPR, has been a UNICEF corporate partner since 2004.

Sometimes it’s just too easy to be cynical, and this is one of those occasions!

Victoria’s Secret – Kanye West

Victoria's Secret - Kanye West The eagerly awaited Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Kodak Theater was by all accounts a big success. Not only did frustrated old geezers get an opportunity to clock a bunch of birds in skimpy lingerie but there was some interesting performances by the Spice Girls, performing onstage for the first time in 10 years, as well as Seal and, opening in place of Kanye West, who withdrew after his mother’s passing, and a few others.

“Every year, it’s got to be bigger and better,” said Victoria’s Secret executive producer Ed Razek. “You don’t want to turn it into a variety show, but we have an obligation to make it an interesting television special and interesting for the VIP crowd in the theater.”

Desert Blue Premium Jeans

Desert Blue Premium Jeans Desert Blue Premium Jeans was founded in sunny California: known for its serene deserts, and its scenic blue Pacific Ocean coastline. Desert Blue rekindled the eco-friendly message of the old West, and reintroduced it to our contemporary society.

Tired of the basic 5 pocket designs? Looking for something new and fresh? Desert Blue jeans introduces a variety of sexy fits and distinct washes to spark any woman’s fancy.  Desert Blue uses several non-toxic fabrications because our designs dare to be different and dare to challenge our consumers with newness— each of our  Element Jeans  represent an important component in nature:  there’s Earth, Wind, Fire and Water,  as well as our signature Bullhorn and Phoenix jean leggings. Desert Blue has always emphasized raising more awareness in respecting our Earth since its beginnings.  And that is how the West was won.

Giorgio Armani + Armani/Ginza Tower

Giorgio Armani + Armani/Ginza Tower The Armani Group announces that Giorgio Armani arrived in Tokyo for a series of events coinciding with the opening of his new 6,000 square metre Armani / Ginza Tower concept store. Located at 5-5-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku in the heart of the world renowned Ginza fashion retail district, the distinctive new building has been conceived to become one of the district’s most significant architectural landmarks, not only for its construction (reaching the area’s maximum allowed height of 56 metres), but also for its exterior and interior design, which Giorgio Armani has developed in collaboration with the leading Italian architects Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas.

The imposing Armani/Ginza Tower is the fourth in a series of unique concept stores, which Giorgio Armani pioneered in 2000 when he opened his Armani/Manzoni store in Milan – a destination fashion and lifestyle retail experience, offering his Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans fashion and accessories collections, his Armani/Casa home interiors collection, a Nobu restaurant, an Emporio Armani Caffé, an Armani/Privé nightclub, a flower shop and bookstore and a fragrance and cosmetics counter. Two further concept stores followed: Armani/Funf Höfe in Munich and Armani/Chater House in Hong Kong.  The recently announced Armani/Fifth Avenue will become the fifth concept store, when it opens in New York in Autumn 2008.

The 12 floor Armani/Ginza Tower concept store offers both of the designer’s runway fashion collections, Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani, his Armani/Casa home interiors collection, the world’s first Armani/Spa, the Armani/Ristorante contemporary Italian restaurant and the Armani/Privé lounge bar.

Marc Jacobs – Designer of the Year!

Marc Jacobs - Designer of the Year! Manic Marc Jacobs, the man of the blue rinse, won the “Designer of the Year” award at the 11th Annual ACE Awards in New York. No matter what people think of the man, he is a true fashion icon and a credit to his trade if not, regrettably, to the rest of the world. Marc Jacobs is destined to keep designing and winning and generally giving people the hump, so good luck to the gayzer and his fabulous accessories!

Uniqlo Clothing in London

Uniqlo Clothing in London
Uniqlo, the Japanese fashion chain, owned by Fast Retailing Co. Ltd., opened the doors of two Oxford Street units in London.

“London is the Olympics of the retailing world. All of the major players are here,” said Tadashi Yanai, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Fast Retailing, which his family founded. “Those who succeed in London are winners worldwide.”

Greedy Genius Sneakers

Greedy Genius Sneakers and Shoebox are featured on the new AT&T commercial, along with Undefeated, Alife Rivington Club, Motive 807 and Solebox.

Akiba San street wear line

Akiba San street wear line Here are some sketches of the release of Akiba San street wear line. At first Akiba San will be exclusively launch at LULU Couture 10 stores in Miami and will be sold nationwide in January 2008. The line is designed by Patrick Bensimon original creator of Jane Doe.

Duran Duran + Juicy Couture

Duran Duran + Juicy Couture So the boys from Duran Duran have teamed up with the most unlikely partners to design the costumes for their Broadway concert debut in New York. How on earth the “big boys” from Duran Duran expect Juicy Couture to design their wardrobe is beyond the imagination of most fashion visionaries. Let’s face it a brand known for designing terry towelling tracksuits for stick-figure girls is hardly the most likely candidate for designing a wardrobe for a bunch of hefty new-romantic geezers. That said, rumour has it that Simon la Bon turned up for his Duran Duran audition wearing a pair of skin tight leopard print track bottoms. Oh yeah, and the fact that John Taylor is married to Juicy Couture co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor might have something to do with it.

John Taylor said: “When putting together the Broadway show of ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ it was only natural that we would turn to Juicy Couture. Due to more than just osmosis; Simon [Le Bon], Nick [Rhodes] and myself have all had a hand in making design suggestions for clothes they would like to wear and seeing their ideas realized. In attacking the costuming of the show we have had a hands-on approach, which is the way we like to work (like the good little renaissance boys we are). ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ requires Maoist utility wear, punk-savant/bohemian and louche satins… all in one evening.”

Is Green Fashion the Future?

Is Green Fashion the Future? Is Green Fashion the Future? Monarchy, Linda Loudermilk, Gary Harvey Creative, Evidence of Evolution, The Battalion, Peligrosa and a dozen eco-minded labels touted that message this month at presentations of their spring collections at BoxEight, Smashbox Studios and other events during Los Angeles Fashion Week.

In fashion, environmental sustainability is “an emerging trend,” said Mark Werts, chief executive officer of Los Angeles-based specialty retailer American Rag Cie.

“We all share the environment,” Anita Ortiz, national merchandise manager for Nordstrom Inc.’s Savvy division, said during a party the Seattle-based retailer sponsored for emerging contemporary labels, including Los Angeles’ Viridis Luxe. “We want to do our part. I think the customer wants it in our stores, as well.”