Vivienne Westwood Clothing + Catwalk ManifestoFashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, a lifelong Labour supporter, is considering switching to the dark-side; or the darker-side at least.

Making a statement: Vivienne Westwood’s spring/summer 2008 collection at Paris Fashion Week: “I’ve never voted Conservative in my life,” said the “godmother of punk” before her spring/summer 2008 collection at the Paris prêt-à-porter season. “But I would do anything to get this bad lot out.” Vivienne Westwood, 66, said she was “incensed” by the current Government’s track record on human rights, personal freedom and heritage.The Grandmother of punk issued copies of her latest political manifesto, “Active Resistance to Propaganda”, in which she argues that art and culture are the antidote to propaganda and the secret of civilisation.

Vivienne Westwood clothing has deep and historical roots in the anti-establishment arena, dating all the way back to her time with Malcolm McLaren and the infamous Pistols.