Puma McQueen Trainers, Sports-Fashion Following the explosion in Sports-Fashion collaborations a number of designers are now asking the question will these collaborations with corporate sportswear giants have a long-term detrimental impact on their credability as serious designers. Plainly the designer brings his or her credability to the table and in return the big corporate sports brand brings a lorry load of cash which on the face of it seems a fair trade-off. Then again, if you sell your soul to the devil there’s no buying it back. Perhaps one of the most interesting Sports-Fashion collaborations is the PUMA McQueen. Here’s their blurb:

“Unexpected and unique, Alexander McQueen PUMA defines a new provacative horizon in Sport-Fashion. Founded on the union of tradition and technology, the collection juxtaposes influences, delivering a visually contemporary line that is conceptually sophisticated and intricately crafted. The collections inspiration is derived from human anatomy, specifically the human foot, with specific references to the tendon structures, vien formations and toe print. For Autumn/Winter 2007, the study of anatomy continues through the exploration of body scanning and x-ray techniques.”
Puma McQueen Trainers, Sports-Fashion