Cesare Paciotti Shoes, Innovative and Visionary Cesare Paciotti 4US has a rapidly expanding customer base which is no surprise given the quality and innovation that goes into their footwear. Along with DiSanto and Prada, Paciotti produces some of the most exciting and innovative high-fashion footwear on the market today.

Anything Cesare Paciotti creates is a result and an expression of his emotion, mixed with the street and urban life necessity. he completely dresses his ideal character, he makes everyone feel in Cesare Paciotti’s mood. Not only Dizzy high heels with precious gems and accessories, but daily, casual and fashionable clothes, shoes, eyewear and jewellery, “an entire world 4us”, for everyone. Simply unique, unmistakable, immediatly being loved without prejudice by everyone who likes to be a part of the contemporary world
Cesare Paciotti was founded in 1948 and started a production of men’s classic line, completely hand made and finished with peculiar care of all the details. In 1980 Cesare Paciotti inherit the the small company and realize the first man collection with the CESARE PACIOTTI trademark. A line that obtains enormous recognition thanks Cesare’s inspiration and creativity. In 1990 the company expands the lady collection. In the new millenium born the “4US” a sport and streetwear collection inspired by glamour and fashion trends. After a few years shoes, clothing, bags,jewellery and eyewear designed for every moment of the day became an icon for italian teenagers and for their parents.