AS Jeans worn by Boy George Margherita Missoni and Boy George have at least one thing in common, AS Jeans. Ammar Belal the man behind the AS Jeans label has quite a lot to say about denim:

“The aim of a jeans company is to come up with jeans that fit the greatest number of women to maximize profits,” said Belal. “At the most, each brand specializes in a particular body type and different silhouettes are designed for the maximum women having that body type. Custom-made jeans are made specifically to fit your body. A pair of jeans that fits well is an eight out of 10, but one that is made only for you is a 10 out of 10.”

AS Jeans with all the bells and whistle can set you back up to $1,000! South American pop star Jocelyn Martinez has a pair with hand-painted detailing and Swarovski crystal detailing. In New York, As Jeans are stocked at Patricia Field and Blond.