Alpinestars Clothing Autumn/Winter 07 This is an Autumn Winter 07/08 preview for the new Alpinestars range of clothing. The interesting bit here is how they managed to go from a company that pretty much rules motor sports into a company that’s hitting Europe (and to a degree the states) with a steetwear inspired range of clothes that has their heritage and hallmarks sewn into the designs.

Alpinestars Top Autumn/Winter 07 This is a bold step and even though they have done the New Era’s before there are some pretty interesting pieces in amongst the plain logo’ed tees and hoods where you can see the influences and something you wouldn’t normally see in a brand that is on most people’s radar as a mainstream producer or not even registered.

Alpinestars Cap Autumn/Winter 07 Set just to the left of the days of Travis Pastrana, Drake McElroy, Jimmie Johnson, Rubens Barichello and the rest of the superstar team track days the clothing is something not specifically aimed at their usual market.