Ethical Footwear by NOHARM NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a powerful and wide demographic. “Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods. NOHARM is at the vanguard of this new era and is proud and honoured to introduce an exciting range of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear for the discerning and ethically responsible consumer.
NOHARM is dedicated to offering stylish, high fashion, vegan footwear able to sit comfortably next to the most exclusive traditional brands in terms of style, character and quality. All NOHARM products are hand-crafted in Italy. NOHARM conducts business with an established Italian manufacturer. NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labour and worker exploitation. NOHARM is committed to ethically and socially responsible employment practices. All NOHARM footwear has a unique lining designed to dissipate perspiration and drastically reduce odor. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards: NOHARM is a proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark. All NOHARM footwear is  carefully packaged in biodegradable boxes which are printed with environmentally-friendly ink.
The inaugural NOHARM exclusive vegan footwear collection consists of 14 styles, including: i) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up ankle boot easily compares with the most exclusive traditional designer brands. The style is clean and elegant and reflects a smart-casual and sophisticated lifestyle choice. The boot could easily be worn to “dress-up” a pair of jeans or conversely compliment a pair of trousers for a smart-casual event. ii) The NOHARM leather-free slip-on shoe has all the character, style and quality of the most exclusive traditional leather brands. The style is sharp and elegant and will compliment a designer suit or designer trousers within either a social or business environment. iii) The NOHARM leather-free hidden-lace shoe is for the discerning, style-conscious, man seeking an added touch of flair. The contemporary, avant-garde, styling easily compliments both smart-casual and smart-smart social events. iv) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up shoe radiates a clean and sophisticated traditional style. The shoe will compliment a high fashion designer business suit or designer trousers. All 14 styles are available at either or

NOHARM recognises a rapidly growing number of consumers are applying “ethical” behaviour when shopping. Following extensive research, NOHARM is prepared and able to bridge the gap between “high fashion” and “ethical consumerism”. NOHARM’s stylish vegan footwear is the start of a mission to synergise High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM has a unique and exclusive product able to satisfy the demands of this discerning, forward-thinking and rapidly expanding consumer base.