Levi Jeans + Levis Cell Phone Levi Strauss Europe and Modelabs Group to launch their own line of mobile phones . The denim company recently unveiled their Accessory Collection in Paris, which includes their first line of phone models.

“Technology is at the heart of today’s youth culture and mobile phones are the ultimate accessory. Adding a mobile phone to our collection is a natural progression for Levi’s, a brand that is driven to meet the desires of young people”, says You Nguyen, Senior Vice President of Levi’s Product.

How do mobile phones match this picture? “As pioneers of the connection between fashion and technology, we wanted to create an accessory that combines design aesthetics with consumer needs. We are confident that this phone lives up to the promise of the Levi’s brand”, further declares You Nguyen. It seems as Levi is saying that the times for luxurious handsets have passed and people now need to return to the basic functions, appreciating practical aspects about mobile phones before any other design features.

The Levi’s handset will come equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and a 1.8 inch display screen. Moreover, it will also have a music player included and Bluetooth connectivity. All these just to make it best suit the needs of any type of users it might have. Levi’s stands for one of the most popular company for jeanswear. Their models are created to best suit the working men since more than 70 years ago, when Levi’s became a wardrobe must-have.

The Levi’s phone will come in metallic silver, black and brown copper cases. There are also some more stylish versions for this handset, designed especially for more feminine tastes. The phone will be available for purchase in stores around Europe starting September 2007.