Adidas + Red Ball Movement. With the purchase of a red mini ball you will be able to support the international humanitarian organization Right To Play.

The Red Ball, represented in Right To Play’s logo, is the organization’s symbol and a symbol of the humanitarian potential of sport to promote health, development and peace. It also embodies Right To Play’s values – the best values of sport including cooperation, respect, inclusion, integrity and fair play.

How do they work?

Right To Play uses specially designed sport and play programs to teach life skills and health education to children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. The global team of staff and volunteers who train Volunteer Local Coaches are the basis for a long-term and sustainable positive change through sport. The programs in place

1) teach HIV/AIDS prevention to children who are most at risk
2) foster rehabilitation and each conflict preventions and life skills to children affected by war
3) open up educational and leadership opportunities to girls
4) encourage the healthy physical, social, and emotional development of refugees and
5) bring joy, hope, and laughter to children in need

Right To Play has projects in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The organization is supported by an international team of professional, Olympic and paralympic athletes from over 40 countries. Led by four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and Right To Play President and CEO Johann Olav Koss, the team of Athlete Ambassadors include athletes such as Martina Hingis, Haile Gebrselassie, Frank Lampard and many more.

Together with adidas, you can help. Buy a mini red ball. Proceeds of your purchase plus additional funding will support Right To Play’s projects and improve the life of children around the world.

When Children Play, The World Wins.