Nudie Jeans + Nudie T-Shirt = Amnesty International Visionary fashion brand Nudie Jeans encourages the support of Amnesty International. For every sold ”Fight for human rights” t-shirt Amnesty receives 5.5 euros. This is their angle:

”Every year, throughout the world, many thousands of people of all ages have their human rights abused. Most of us don’t experience this personally, but it tis impossible not to know that it is going on. And it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless?

”But you don’t have to feel like that. Over a million people throughout the world are doing something and you can join them. It doesn’t have to take much of your time or money – by supporting Amnesty International, you can make a real difference to this world.

”Amnesty International depends on the support of individuals to carry out its lifesaving work around the world. Without our million-plus members, Amnesty would not be able to carry out so much on behalf of the victims of human rights abuses. Every day, we receive more urgent cries for help. Please help make sure we never have to ignore one. Please join Amnesty International”.