Hawaiian Shirt + Vintage Hawaiian Shirts by Sun SurfSUN SURF
“Sun Surf’ is a brand owned by Toyo Enterprise that is spotlighted by our Sugar Cane label. The Sun Surf brand is a collection of vintage designs from the heyday of Hawaiian shirts (1940’s  -1950’s) reproduced true to their original fascinating colors and charm.

SUN SURF was launched in the mid 1970’s when Toyo was concentrating on reproducing American style clothing from the “good old days” (1940’s – 60’s).  Additionally at this time, Toyo was energetic in reproducing Hawaiian shirts.  The Hawaiian shirts from those days were mostly made from polyester and some rayon, but of less desirable print colors.

SUN SURF designs have been carefully selected from our collection of over 1,000 vintage Hawaiian shirts.  We have striven to recreate in minute detail our Hawaiian shirts to resemble the originals by using the original fabrics, printing colors, and printing methods.

KEONI OF HAWAII is a brand revived from the works of John Meigs, a textile designer in the 40’s  and 50’s who was living in Hawaii. His artwork includes a collection of over 400 Hawaiian print designs, of which 50 were never used as shirts. He is recognized as one of the outstanding Hawaiian shirt designers and the only living designer from that period.  Today, John Meigs is an active artist painting modern art and landscapes. John Meigs has personally given us his advice on how to revive the designs after half a century. Needless to say, with Sun Surf’s quality and attention to design, the shirts themselves are not replicas but are true vintage Hawaiians.

In response to the Hawaiian shirts’ collector’s demands, Sun Surf also presents a special edition series. A selection of our designs has been recognized as collector’s items. These designs were about impossible to reproduce due to the complex characteristic mixture of 15 or more colors. The shirts in this series are individually boxed in the original boxes. To respect the brands, fabrication is 100% rayon, and the labels and hangtags have been reproduced true to their original historical condition.
Hawaiian Shirt + Vintage Hawaiian Shirts