Sugar Cane Union Star Jeans The newest addition to the Sugar Cane denim line-up for 2007 is the Union Star Jean. Sugar Cane Union Star Jeans available from listed retailers on the official website and online at Togged

In July of 1965 Toyo Enterprise, the parent company of Sugar Cane, was commissioned to make a limited  run of jeans for the U.S. Military PX.  At that time Toyo Enterprise had been producing Aloha shirts for the U.S. Military PX but this order marked Toyo’s first entry into the production of denim jeans. The pair of jeans pictured are of an actual pair from that order along with a copy of the order sheet issued by the U.S. Military PX to Toyo Enterprise. In recognition of this event in Toyo’s history Sugar Cane has released the Union Star Jeans. The denim is 14.25 ounce selvage denim made from the finest 100% double ring-spun Zimbabwe cotton and includes details such as iron-made buttons, deer skin leather patch, and redline selvage.

Available in :Unwashed raw, 1 Wash and 2 Hard wash

Straight leg fit

Explanation of Detail Images:
1.Original designed tack buttons are made of iron

2.For sewing: from the thickest to the finest cotton threads, a total of up to 13 different types are used (size 0 threads, the thickest, are used at the areas with the most stress and size 30, the finest, are used for the decorative stitches).

3.Deer skin leather patch in the shape of the United States mainland with a hand-sewn star in the center.

4.Back pocket stitching in the shape of a star

5.Rayon Union Star tab

6.Redline selvage, a feature of the old shuttle looms