Psycho Cowboy Clothing + Jeans Psycho Cowboy was relaunched by the danish fashion house BTX in the Autumn 2006. Psycho Cowboy is a high-end brand. High quality, unique design, something special for the very fashion oriented consumer. The brand includes female as well as male collections. The typical consumer is probably between 20 and 30 years of age. He or she has an urban life style, is into fashion and culture, is well educated and has a clear opinion of own identity and the society that sorrounds us. Psycho Cowboy is created in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, where the design team take their inspiration from street life subcultures, pop music, R’n’B and the most progressive features in the fashion scene today.

2007 is built around two stories . Guerilla chick is a grunge inspired, “Che Guevarra meets Avil Lavigne”, story with strong influences from the bauhaus movements. The style is graphic and layered with a strong mens wear influence. Gallery has a decadent early nineties feeling inspired by Andy Warhol in a polished punkway. Matt/shiny effects, simplified silhouettes and flashes of neon.