John Smedley Clothing + John Smedley Sweaters John Smedley is widely acknowledge as the world’s leading knitwear brand. John Smedley clothing is uniquely exceptional to its very core. John Smedley has been making fine knitwear in Derbyshire for over 200 years. Their family business was there at the birth of the industrial revolution when the first factories and looms were being built. In England’s traditional knitting heartlands are found generations of experience and skills in knitting and hand-finishing world-class knitwear. To refer to a ‘Smedley’ is to highlight what seems to be a piece of knitwear of an especially fine gauge: the finer the gauge, the closer and smoother the knit. There are reasons why John Smedley’s knitwear has become so iconic. There is the timelessness of our knitwear – traditional designs updated for 21st century living and the quality of their garments made from the finest raw materials; they can trace their Merino wool back to the sheep station in New Zealand.

Fashion fades, but style remains. The essence of a John Smedley piece of knitwear is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary, from the way it is made to the way it is worn. The result is a modern classicism that looks good with almost anything and looks right at almost any occasion. The new capsule collection John Smedley “Mode” and extended accessories range is one to watch.