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March 2007

Rock & Republic Jeans + Rock & Republic Soho

Rock & Republic Jeans + Rock & Republic Soho Next week Rock & Republic jeans, the high profile denim brand reputedly in a legal battle with Victoria Beckham, will open a lavish new Soho showroom; that’s Soho New York and not the original Soho, London. The trendy district reflects the brands direction according to Michael Ball, designer and chief executive officer. “We wanted a contemporary feel, a certain amount of luxe, some Hollywood sheen to it, if you will,” Ball said. “We didn’t want it to be too austere, not like a Calvin Klein or a Theory. We wanted significant eye candy.”

Monarchy Clothing + Monarchy Jeans

Monarchy Clothing + Monarchy Jeans Eric Kim the designer behind the cult brand, Monarchy is attracting a cart load of attention lately. This is the Monarchy blurb: “The brand reflects the Lifestyle. Monarchy was created for an exclusive clientele, it is a combination of underworld ideals and couture aesthetics. The life of Outlaw and Aristocrat. LA royalty. Intimately connected to it’s environment, Monarchy is a product of a unique creative nexus which could only exist in downtown LA… Passion and Creativity thriving amidst squalor and degradation. Monarchy’s premium denim is internationally recognized for its specialty fabrics, exclusive cuts and unique washes. Monarchy knits have been lauded for creating a innovative graphic landscape which compliment the use of fine cottons and experimental washes.”

Dior Homme + Dior Jeans – Hedi Slimane

Dior Homme + Diro Jeans - Hedi Slimane After months of speculation, it’s been officially announced that Dior Homme and Hedi Slimane are to part waves. Arguably one of the most successful fashion relationships in modern times, this break up will leave a big question mark over the future of Dior Homme. Hedi Slimane is reportedly being replaced by Kris Van Assche.

One of the main sticking points for the future of the Dior Homme & Hedi Slimane relationship was the Hedi Slimane signature brand. Apparently the two sides could not form an agreement and Dior became “fed up”. No doubt, Hedi Slimane will move forward with his signature brand which is bound to be a raving success.

Brinca T-Shirt + Mary Paper$ Sneakers

Brinca T-Shirt + Mary Paper$ Sneakers Influenced by wild imaginations, cartoons, and fashion styles from Japan and Europe, assiduous designer Slim Mils and marketing guru Barry Sales started Brinca in 2001 quietly introducing the collection through the underground circuit of indie hipsters, artistic lower east side fanatics, and the sneaker obsessed everywhere—all whom have given the brand a firm nod of approval. Brinca currently houses a small collection of tees and hoodies for men and women that will make you laugh, think, and even create a little controversy.

Since its humble beginnings, Brinca has increased the number of their chill-inspired and standoffish designs, which include, “Bush”, “Osama”, and “BLING”, all vibrant and colorful, with the ability to visually “speak” or be simply comical. 

To harp on using fashion to communicate, Brinca has welcomed collaboration projects on the table. Mary Paper$, New York City’s most popular female sneaker collector, has teamed up with Brinca for the summer season to debut a special exclusive women’s t-shirt that will showcase Mary’s notorious “80’s-New York” street wear style with Brinca’s animated touch.

 Brinca is excited and motivated to make its mark on the fashion industry. Mils and Sales look to the past and present of the streetwear culture, affairs of the world, and their own personal experiences for inspiration when constructing designer concepts. Much like many of life’s events, they maintain the elements of shock and splendor in their products to give the line a dual feeling- you can grab a “Redrum” tee when feeling mellow or a “Bush” tee when you’re feeling outrageous. This ironically, mimics the personalities of the two owners: Barry Sales, the mellow and Slim Mils, the outrageous.  The duality will surely bring this brand success.

Superfine jeans + Superfine Skinny Jeans

Superfine jeans + Superfine Skinny Jeans Superfine jeans continue to receive rave reviews across the board. Lucy Pinter and Flora Evans started the Superfine brand back in 2003 wanting to make jeans with a real London attitude: simple, refined and especially skinny. Since then the Superfine brand has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the UK’s leading denim brands with a host of celebrity admirers including: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansen, Eva Herzigova, Kate Bosworth, Cameron Diaz, Brittany Murphy & Juliette Lewis.

Superfine Jeans spring / summer 2007 ‘fierce child’ womenswear
“New collection. “She’s a Killer Queen, guaranteed to blow your mind…… anytime”. This season’s Superfine lady moves between day & night, working a look & rocking a dancefloor. Jean silhouettes range from signature skinny through to extra wide, high waisted to low. New jean styles include the ‘Prince’ cropped skinny & ‘Sister’ slim leg with small kick. The new ‘Ziggy’ high waisted three-quarter jean sits with the ‘Jamie’ high waisted drainpipe. Superfine continues to move more into looser fit styles. In addition to everyday casuals – the ‘Tommy’ in-between jean & baggy ‘Beau’ – are the chic new ‘Honey’ and ‘Brother’ suiting jeans and the ‘Coco’ suiting shorts offered in silk denim. The wide legged ‘Max’ gets even wider this season. New metalic and glitter treatments feature prominently in the collection with denim now offered in silver, grey pearl and black glitter.”

DiSanto Shoes S/S2007

DiSanto Shoes S/S2007 The DiSanto Shoes Spring Summer 2007 Footwear Collection continues to push the boundaries of edgy and contemporary high fashion footwear design yet still retains the classic Iltalian style for which it is renowned. DiSanto sits perfectly alongside TOD’S, Gucci, Paciotti and Prada but has a certain avant-garde edge.

Mason’s Clothing + London’s Swinging 60s

Mason’s Clothing + London's Swinging 60s Mason’s clothing line continues to attract attention. For the AW 07/08 collection, Mason’s plunges into the end of 60’s and early 70’s, presenting a dandy chic collection that takes inspiration from the Swinging London. Mason’s is influenced by this époque, the époque of crazy and intellectual artists, of reckless and endless parties, that was the cradle of the new and the modern. Nevertheless this inspiration is mixed and integrated with a politically correct military view with styles that take inspiration from the army and the aviation. The highlights of this collection are the new fabrics and the new wearability. The collection is characterized by the presence of pockets to make simple the research for the little objects we use every day. The Mason’s woman collection, also influenced by the swinging London theme, is characterized by tapered and close-fitting lines, trousers became more clean and tighter-fitting. There are a lot of sweaters and dresses and of course don’t lack the miniskirt, the symbols of the 60’s.

Prada Clothing + Prada Jacket = Faux Fur

Prada Clothing + Prada Jacket = Faux Fur The mighty Italian fashion house, Prada, has announced its decision to sign up to Peta’s campaign to drive fur out of fashion. Miuccia Prada herself said that she is “bored” with real fur and announced the launch of a new line called “Fake Classic”. This is a truly visionary step by Prada who are showing they have the foresight to take fashion forward into a new era with other furless brands, Kenneth Cole, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and Ralph Lauren.

In 2008 it will be 20 years since Miuccia Prada launched her first womenswear collection, but the critics of her fur-less Fall 2007 show in Milan last week were as ecstatic as ever. “Milan’s most aware designer has thrown a wrench in the fashion works,” concluded Suzy Menkes in the International Herald Tribune. “What was new? Everything … For all the weirdness of her vision [she is] light years ahead of the rest.”

Burberry Sport + Burberry Icons Clothing

Burberry Sport + Burberry Icons Clothing Burberry is set to expand its Icons collection to include sportswear and eveningwear. Just hearing the words Burberry and Sportswear in the same sentence is bound to send a shiver down the spine of Burberry’s traditional customer base. That said, Burberry surely learnt a major lesson following the Burberry Baseball Cap fiasco and will do all they can to ensure there’s no repeat. In fact, it appears Burberry will be focusing their sports collection at the apres ski brigade. The Burberry Sport collection will apparently be released in the autumn and will be available through their London and New York showrooms. Burberry Sport also has a new logo that appears on sweaters, caps and coats. If rumours are to be believed the puffer jackets have fox fur trim, which if true is a retrograde step for this major fashion house. Let’s hope this is just an ugly rumour.

M by Madonna = Madonna Clothing Line

M by Madonna = Madonna Clothing Line So Madonna has diversified once again. The magic morphing power of mad Madge is simply unrivalled; she’s truly a unique phenomenon. Madge’s latest venture, M by Madonna, is a clothing line available at H&M and is aimed at a wide customer base for extra buck power. “This is very different from our past collections,” said Jennifer Ugliaro, a spokeswoman for H&M in the U.S. “It’s a broader, more classic collection.”

It seems Madge’s clothing line is much like her music: wide but not very deep. “There’s nothing so trendy in M,” Ugliaro said. “The shelf life for M is longer than it was for Karl and the others.” Good luck to the old girl!

“The ‘M by Madonna’ fashion line will reflect Madonna’s timeless, unique and always glamorous style. A long standing cultural icon whose enormous global influence on how people dress and look is without equal, Madonna worked hand in hand with Margareta van den Bosch to create a wardrobe of clothing and accessories that represent her own personal and modern spin on her very own wardrobe staples.

‘Madonna has an impressive feel for fashion and trends. She was extraordinarily style conscious, passionate and was involved in even the smallest details of every design. There is no doubt that Madonna’s influence is reflected by the ‘M by Madonna’ line’, stated Margareta van den Bosch regarding the collaboration.

‘I’ve made no secret of my love of fashion over the years. Working with Margareta and H&M was an exciting and new creative challenge for me. I’m really happy with the results and look forward to wearing ‘M by Madonna’ along with the rest of the world’, concluded Madonna.

Madonna, the multi-Grammy winning singer, video visionary, children’s book author, human rights activist and cultural phenomenon just completed the most successful concert tour of any female artist in music history. Her most recent cd Confessions On A Dance Floor debuted at No. 1 in 29 countries.”

Selvedge Jeans for the Enlightened!

Selvedge Jeans for the Enlightened! Exclusively available at Selfridges on Oxford Street, London, Invisible Inc jeans, is a premium designer denim label for the enlightened. The Invisible Inc collection includes Japanese Red Selvedge denim made on traditional shuttle looms and organic cotton T-shirts You will know Invisible Inc from its distinctive logo, which is the signature of the designer Punky (translated from Sanskrit to English his name Pankaj means Lotus Flower). The Lotus Flower, which is regarded as sacred in Egypt, India, China and Tibet, is also used in Yoga to symbolise the Chakra.
Selvedge Jeans for the Enlightened!

Artful Dodger Clothing + Artful Dodger Jeans S/S07

Artful Dodger Clothing + Artful Dodger Jeans S/S07 Artful Dodger, the brand that punters tend to love or hate, is weaving some fine threads for their spring/summer 2007 collection. The Artful Dodgers live in the hinterland between the world of the Stone Island F-U footie hooligan and the LRG world of gangsta rappers. The collection reflects the dodge and weave world of edgy living and will continue to attract the target punter. Worth a butchers for sure!

Vegan Shoes + Ethical Fashion = NOHARM

Vegan Shoes + Ethical Fashion = NOHARM At Last!! Genuinely stylish and ethically responsible shoes and fashion. The NOHARM collection is the Gucci of the green, vegan and ethical world. This classy and ethical brand is handcrafted in Italy and conforms to a set of high ethical standards. The future of fashion starts here.

“NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a growing and powerful demographic.

“Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods.” NOHARM site.

Theory Clothing + Theory Jeans = Paris

Theory Clothing + Theory Jeans = Paris Theory to open its first European outlet in Paris According to Andrew Rosen, president and founder of Theory. Theory clothing has global aspirations which translates into: “Easy to understand, wearable clothes with subtle sex appeal for everyday life. A brand has to have a global strategy and then execute locally.” The Paris location extends to over 1300 sq ft. “We didn’t want to follow a flagship format. We wanted accessible stores in key locations to make shopping an easy experience,” said Rosen.

Fiorucci Clothing + Oviesse + Love Therapy

Fiorucci Clothing + Oviesse + Love Therapy Elio Fiorucci and Italian retailer Oviesse have agreed a deal for two new clothing lines, one targeting teenagers and the other for women in their 20s to 30s.

“The possibility to design for a large retailer can be exciting for a creative person who sees his creations… distributed and everyone can take advantage of them. This is the future.” says Elio Fiorucci.

On a different topic — Elio Fiorucci no longer uses the brand Fiorucci, but his new brand LOVE THERAPY. This new project does not follow a traditional collection philosophy. Small colorful products and garments will be proposed to the market on an ongoing basis. Apparel and accessories will always offer functionality, fun and sweetness. The products are thought, planned and produced by a group of young and sensitive persons as a project of ethics and love, to transmit true “joie de vivre”.

For F/W 07/08 Love Therapy comes back with a proposal of lovely and romantic images. The collection is the expression of different concepts: On one side there is the warm atmosphere of the mountains, wool embroideries combined with soft and feminine fabrics, on the other side it highlights bright colours and draws inspiration from the 80’s. Both features are represented by fashionable tops, t-shirts and jackets. The denim collection suggests very fitted, sexy and ergonomic jeans enriched by precious and unique details. Elio Fiorucci continues to sign and design special editions of Coca Cola Light.

RMC Jeans by Martin Ksohoh

RMC Jeans by Martin Ksohoh Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh (pictured right) continues to rock the fashion world with his unique designs and unrivalled denim collections. Although RMC Martin Ksohoh is on the tip of the fashion world’s tongue few people know the man behind the brand. Here’s a small insight:

In other people’s eyes, Martin’s success comes at a matured age; and for he, himself, Martin thinks of that as a “late-coming Spring”. He has been undertaking roles supervising production and importing foreign brands. With experience accumulated in various work levels and the mastering of manufacturing procedures and technology, he has established the foundations and facilities benefitting RMC’s brand development.

To locally born and bred Martin, Hong Kong as an international cosmopolitan has given him the opportunities to encounter and absorb foreign culture. His management style, guts and acute market senses allow him to have free hands at work, and follow closely the international fashion pulses, which are instrumental for RMC’s successes.

From an early age Martin lived in Japan and has since been enchanted by history, art and culture of this nearby country. His deep digging into Japanese culture provided unlimited source of inspiration and themes for his creations. He has also been enlightened by Japanese brand management philosophy, and is determined to internationalize RMC by Martin Ksohoh.

Martin admitted that: “The thought of establishing our own brand name has been long existing, but has been of amateurish nature until change happened in the company’s business importing foreign brands.” The change urged the locally born and bred talent to make a decision to create a Hong Kong oriented brand that delivers quality on a par with international products. Abide by this belief, learning from Japanese conscientious and sophisticated thoughts, as well as integrating them with his unique vision, Martin projected his appreciation of Chinese and Japanese traditional culture into his design concepts. With incessant trials and efforts, RMC’s successes are based upon Martin’s determinedness, unlimited creativity and stringent pursuit for quality. Establishing a brand rich in oriental colours in the international market is already an exciting and challenging mission.  

 “Considering the Hong Kong originated international brand’s short market history, RMC’s design and products receiving acclaim and positive appraisal from around the world during the past few years are great motivation for us to excel and give our best endeavours,” Martin remarked.

Paul Smith Bag + Paul Smith Mini Cooper Wallet

Paul Smith Bag + Paul Smith Mini Cooper Wallet Paul Smith Mini Cooper bags! Paul Smith designs arguably the very finest fashion accessories money can buy. Paul Smith Wallets and Paul Smith Cufflinks have a unique and classy finish that attracts admirers from all across the globe. This Paul Smith bag is no exception. Based on the Paul Smith billfold Mini Cooper leather wallet and Paul Smith ceramic Mini Cooper Cufflinks and Keyring. These Paul Smith Mini Cooper bags will be available in two sizes and will be a definite “must have” fashion accessory for 2007.

Balenciaga shoes = Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft!

Balenciaga shoes = Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft! These outrageous Balenciaga shoes where inevitably the centre of attraction at Balenciaga’s Fall 2007 press parade. For obvious reasons this Balenciaga shoe is called the “IT” and has a Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft feel to it. The question on many fashionista’s lips is: “What do you wear with the frigging things?”

Ellesse Clothing + Ellesse Skiwear

Ellesse Clothing + Ellesse Skiwear Italian sportswear firm Ellesse is to launch a new ski collection this fall, thereby returning to its roots. The company last made skiwear more than ten years ago and was their first product to enter the market in 1959, contrary to popular belief that it was tennis, for which Ellesse is currently best known. The new skiwear line will be retro Eighties in style, with a colour palette to match. The Ellesse name is based on the initials, L.S., of its founder, Leonardo Servadio, an Italian tailor with an innovative approach to styling and manufacture. In 1959, Servadio created a revolutionary stretch ski pant which established Ellesse among the elite alpine social circles, making it the ultimate aspirational brand. The immense success of Ellesse in winter sports clothing provided a perfect passport to expand the brand and transfer the design philosophy into the equally prestigious world of tennis.

Earnest Sewn Jeans help the environment?

Earnest Sewn Jeans help the environment? Helios House, BP’s eco-friendly gas station in Los Angeles, have kitted their petrol pump attendants out with Earnest Sewn jeans. BP label Helios House as “a green experiment at the pump.” and is set to lead the way into a more environmentally responsible future.

Earnest Sewn have clearly discerned the importance of environmentally and ethically responsible fashion and this is an intelligent move on their part. Earnest Sewn is a denim brand that sets itself apart by updating the American heritage lifestyle and offering a uncompromising collection of denim and denim related products that reflect an unprecedented commitment to quality and workmanship. Designed and launched by Scott Morrison, the Earnest Sewn design principle is literally translated as ‘product sewn in earnest’. In staying true to this ageing value system, we incorporate ingenuity, integrity, detail and authenticity in every item we make. The production of each garment is typically overseen by three people, and they monitor the garment’s progress from start to finish, at every stage: design, sourcing, cutting, manufacturing, dry processing, wet processing, trim, inspection, packaging and ultimately, shipping.

David Beckham + PRPS Jeans

David Beckham + PRPS Jeans So what’s the rub with David Beckham and PRPS jeans? Beckham seems to live in his treasured PRPS jeans lately. Why? If you’ve got the answer tell the rest of us. There are three immediate answers which come to mind: 1) David Beckham loves PRPS jeans. 2) David Beckham has an advertsing contract 3) David Beckham can’t afford a real pair of Japanese jeans (just joshing!)

Seriously, PRPS jeans are The Real McCoy! PRPS is shorthand for ‘Purpose’ – the purpose of delivering the perfect denim product to the most discerning denim enthusiast. Street-style design from New York, an expert Japanese family-run mill and the softest organic African cotton all combine to forge the supplest fabric and most stylish product. This brand is well worth a butchers!

Original Fake Jeans or Fake London Genius?

Original Fake Jeans or Fake London Genius? Original Fake introduce a 501 based style raw selvedge denim jean. The Original Fake Spring 2007 Collection will retail at 178 Euros and is bound to attract a lot of attention and punters. The only issue that could be on the horizon is the potential for confusion with the original fake denim brand: Fake London Genius. It’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out over the coming months.

Crooks & Castles + Creative Recreation

Crooks & Castles + Creative Recreation Premiered last magic was the Collaboration between Crooks & Castles and uber footwear brand Creative Recreation. The “Luciano” with the Crooks & Castles chain stripe patterns plus bandito foot bed art is scheduled to be in stores this month!

For those unfamiliar with Crooks & Castles, this is their marketing spiel: “Crooks & Castles have always routed for the villain whether it be in a movie, a comic book, a novel, a rap song or everyday life. Growing up in Los Angeles during the 80’s & 90’s we became a part of this villainous lifestyle. Gangs were everywwhere – the hood, the city, even middle suburbia. Most had no choice but to adapt to the environment. Some were able to escape or even channel what they’ve learned on the street into something lucrative. What caught our attention in the mid 90’s was independent fashion/graphic brands. After years of learning the in’s & out’s of the business by starting a brand without any knowledge of how to start or run a clothing company, we’ve finally come to this… “Crooks & Castles”! The concept was easy. “Crooks”, criminals, pimps, hustlers, thieves, etc. And “Castles” those who got rich by becoming a crook.”

Dsquared Clothing + Dsquared Shoes = chic couture

Dsquared Clothing + Dsquared Shoes = chic couture The guys at Dsquared continue to push the boundaries of fashion modernity with their comtemporary chic-couture style. Dsquared is growing into a mainstream fashion brand and can rightfully claim a place alongside the fashion legends that inspired Dean and Dan Caten, brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Moschino. The Dsquared S/S 2007 collection has all the edge with come to expect from brand and will delight both dedicated followers and casual observers.
Dsquared Clothing + Dsquared Shoes = chic couture Dsquared² is a fashion label created by two Canadian brothers, Dean and Dan Caten. In 1991 they moved to Milan, Italy to pursue their dreams of fashion and creating their own company. In 1995 they debuted their very first men’s collection, and in 2003 the very first women’s collection debuted as well.

Since then, DSquared²’s fashion lines have been worn by celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Lenny Kravitz, and Madonna. In 2002, the brothers designed over 150 pieces for Madonna’s Drowned World Tour and “Don’t Tell Me” music video. Dean and Dan has also been featured on America’s Next Top Model.

Hugo Boss Clothing + HUGO Clothing S/S07

Hugo Boss Clothing + HUGO Clothing HUGO, the ultimate cool chic style for S/S 2007.

“Hardcore softwear” is the dominant force in the HUGO Spring/Summer 2007 collection. Military khaki meets powdery pastels; parkas, shirt trench coats and bomber jackets meet smarty blazers, and pinstripe vests ruffled with mini-dresses.

In short, the leisure look meets cool elegance. The combination is what creates the signature HUGO look that always seems relaxed and is still chic – but never overdressed. The must-have of the season for Him and Her is shirts designed to be worn city-style.

Lyle & Scott Shirt + Clothing = Cristiano Ronaldo

Lyle & Scott Shirt + Clothing = Cristiano Ronaldo Lyle & Scott continues to make in-roads into the contemporary fashion scene with an expanding collection of high quality and high fashion polo shirts, sweaters and jackets. With fans as diverse as The Arctic Monkeys to Cristiano Ronaldo, the brand appears to have an enviable ability to sit comfortably in both the traditional golfing and high fashion scenes.

From their original home in the Scottish Borders’ town of Hawick, Lyle and Scott has built a reputation as a high quality brand with a 130 year history in the design and manufacture of authentic Scottish knitwear handled with the hereditary skills of generations of fine craftsmen and women.

Wrangler Jeans = Iconic US jeanswear brand

Wrangler Jeans = Iconic US jeanswear brand Wrangler, the denim brand renowned for a traditional bent, steps into the premium denim hi-fashion flare arena. Wranglers decision to open a new concept store on London’s Carnaby Street is a clear indication of their intent.

Iconic US jeanswear brand, Wrangler, has hit the great outdoors for inspiration for its Spring/Summer 2007 men’s ranges. The result is a mellow, muted collection with natural undertones and just a hint of the military. It oozes character, confidence and comfortable simplicity. But in amongst the organic shapes and classic brand iconography there are sharp details and upto- the-minute fashion influences that effortlessly marry heritage and modernity.

This season, there’s a more elegant approach to denim print and embroidery that evokes craftsmanship and immaculate attention to detail. Wrangler has also evolved new jeans styles and finishes and back-patch variations, to deliver what it believes is its best men’s jeans collection ever. Overall its slightly dressy with a natural element. There are silk/nylon mixes, organic colours and leather details. Shirts with long and short sleeves have Western-style details, combined with fashionable prints and there’s a clear link to military styles, especially in jacket detailing. Reworked wardrobe staples such as cardigans, slipovers, argyles, sports shirts and sports-inspired jackets add a classic feel to this collection and a new greyish denim finish underpins the tone in the trend-led section of the range. The extensive use of natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, adds character and distinction to the range of tops.

LA Air Line Clothing + LA Air Line T-Shirt

LA Air Line Clothing + LA Air Line T-ShirtLA Air Line traces its roots back to Venice Beach California in 1971. This was a wonderful time to be in California. The creativity of the California culture at the time was changing the world. The Doors, Beach Boys, surf culture……art, hippy, free love, marijuana, carefree fun lifestyle….these all come to a persons mind when thinking of this time.

Dennis Maroney, founder of LA Air Line personifies this California culture. Although he was born in New York, his family moved to Los Angeles when he was two years old. He has lived here ever since.

After attending College at San Diego State University and majoring in Psychology, Dennis became restless and decided he did not want to miss the excitement of the times around him, with the carefree lifestyle. Inspired by Jack Kerouac “On the Road”, Dennis took off the next five years and traveled the entire USA by hitchhiking only. He kept track of how many rides he had been given by friendly drivers, but stopped counting when he reached his 10,000th ride! He would go out with some money, and when the money ran out, he would return to Los Angeles to work for a few months. Most of the work he had to do was hard manual labor. He would save all his money, living with friends to save on rent. Then he would go back out on the road for more adventure.

On one of his return trips to Los Angeles, he met a girl at a beach party. She had a friend who was looking to hire an airbrush artist. Dennis saw that this was a great chance to do some fun work, instead of hauling trash or other hard work. So he took a chance and told the employer that he was an art major in college. Fortunately, the employer did not check the school records, and did not discover the little lie. This man then taught Dennis how to airbrush.
LA Air Line Clothing + LA Air Line T-Shirt

Magatama Clothing + KU Clothing = Living Treasures!

Magatama Clothing + KU Clothing = Living Treasures! Rumour has it KU, the original Japanese brand prized for its quality and exclusivity, has introduced a new capsule collection called Magatama. Amazingly, Magatama is rumoured to be limited to 1000 pieces per month worldwide for the entire collection, which includes pants, shirts and jackets. The first series is believed to be called “living treasures”. KU has partnered with a dying breed of craftsmen and artisans in Japan to produce this collection. These living masters create fabric using hand looms and produce genuine cloth artwork. If the rumours are to be believed this is a collection worth keeping your eyes peeled for … Shout here if you see it in any stores.

G Unit Clothing + G Unit Jeans = 50 Cent

G Unit Clothing + G Unit Jeans = 50 Cent Following questions on the Kitmeout forum about G Unit. The following is the official spin on the brand’s roots and vision:

In 2003 50 Cent teamed up with Marc Ecko, the acclaimed designer and founder of Ecko Unlimited, to create the G Unit Clothing Company. Staying true to fresh and original designs The G Unit Clothing Company set out to be a top contender in the urban fashion market. “We are excited to work with 50 Cent on the G-Unit Clothing Company collection. Ecko Unlimited has had a long relationship with 50, supporting his efforts while he was still an unsigned artist,” said Marc Ecko. “We knew that he was capable of this level of success and this collection is indicative of his achievements.”

Reflecting both the rugged and refined aspects of the G Unit lifestyle, the clothing line draws direct inspiration and input from its’ namesakes. The collection truly represents the “style of the streets,” an interpretation inspired by G Unit’s raw image and savvy personas. As 50 Cent simply puts it The G Unit Clothing Company is “Quality clothing… I think it’s the best possible clothing company”.

G Unit member Lloyd Banks seconds this notion by adding an introspective point of view about the line. He thinks that it is the matching color scheme that will attract people to The G Unit Clothing Company. To Banks, the simplicity of the line juxtaposed with small but noticeable features will add to the appeal of the clothes. In agreement Young Buck says that The G Unit Clothing Company is set apart from other clothing companies because it features “More coordinated colors… a whole new flavor and a classy street look”. BUY HERE