Takumi Jeans + Takumi Shirts Takumi Jeans and Shirts – the hand-crafted Japanese collection – for the fashion savvy male who appreciates simple but beautiful designs. The fall ’07 collection is made up of selvedge denim and luxury shirts, and will make its debut at MAGIC in February 2007.

Southern California native, Luis Pedroza spent the last decade living and working throughout Asia and Europe. His passion for the Japanese textile tradition combined with his experience abroad helped to inspire this sophisticated urban collection.

All pieces are produced in small numbers, all hand-crafted in Japan. Takumi’s selvedge jeans are made from denim woven on old style shuttle looms, which have been abandoned by most American and European manufactures. While the old-style shuttle looms are slower and more costly to operate than modern projectile looms, denim made on antique looms is stronger, with a unique finish. “Several years ago, I became increasingly frustrated when I tried to find a pair of authentic ‘classic’ style jeans – the kind that James Dean or a California rancher would have worn in the ‘50’s. All the jeans were either over embellished or over distressed. I am sure other men feel the same. I appreciate quality and style, but I don’t want to look like a teenager,” said founder Pedroza. Takumi’s Japanese denim is available in vintage and classic cuts, coming in indigo selvedge, black selvedge, and black Japanese corduroy. Retail price points range from $258-298.

Takumi luxury shirts combine modern looks with an old world attention to detail, featuring hand rolled canvas collars, contrasting fabric on cuffs, gussets on side seams and extra thick shell buttons. “The shirts are an ode to bespoke tailoring. Finely sewn shirts are hard to find in the States. In Europe and Asia tailors take great pride in their work. I have tried to emulate this love and attention to detail in the Takumi line,” added Pedroza. The luxury shirts are available with a French or barrel cuff and come in a variety of high-end fabrics and textures. Retail price points range from $189-198.