Lacoste Polo + Lacoste Trainers = 2 the dogs?Colette’s resident dogs visit their crocodile cousin this season, as the Paris concept shop celebrates its 10th anniversary by collaborating with Lacoste to produce a limited-edition series of polos and sneakers featuring the trendsetting boutique’s canine friends, Caperino and Peperone, created by Kuntzel+Deygas, alongside Lacoste’s signature mascot. The playful series features 14 Lacoste polos, each with a different Cap & Pep design, developed as part of an animated movie about the crocodile’s travels under the collar and down the chest before he finally returns to reclaim his territory.

“To see our dear Caperino and Peperone play with the big brands is one of our little personal pleasures,” said Colette art director Sarah Lerfel. “It is an old dream from 2004 to have their paths cross that of the famous crocodile. This encounter gave birth to a series of products typical of Colette: some ‘never-seen,’ ‘very limited,’ and therefore ‘collector!’”