DKNY Jeans - Donna Karan Jeans DKNY Jeans decides to take a step into the global market. DKNY Jeans has signed an agreement with Club 21 Retail Holdings to take DKNY Jeans into the European and Asian markets. “Club 21 is already a partner in some very important territories in Asia,” said Mark Weber, chief executive officer of Donna Karan International. “This is our opportunity now to do it the right way with the right partners who understand the business and understand the DKNY brand. The opportunity to grow is great.”

“The DKNY brand is a much bigger brand than the business that’s currently available,” said weber, who described the existing Asian and European DKNY Jeans business as “very small and sporadic.”

“There’s an appetite for this brand,” Weber said. “Globally, in DKNY accessories and ready-to-wear, we have a very strong business and it’s growing. Jeans is the natural extension to the business.”