Comme des Garçons Clothing + Vision!Comme des Garçons is a Parisian fashion label headed by Rei Kawakubo, who is also its sole owner. Comme des Garçons has a dozen boutiques and approximately 200 vendors around the world. Each year, the company grosses in the neighborhood of $150 million. Comme des Garçons has been most recently brought to attention on Project Runway when designer, Michael Kors, suggests that a dress “looks like Comme des Garçons goes to the Amish Country.”

Rei Kawakubo an avant-garde Japanese fashion designer, founder of Comme des Garcons, specializes in anti-fashion, austere, sometimes deconstructed garments, sometimes lacking a sleeve or other component. Her garments are primarily in black, dark gray, and white, often worn with combat boots. Rei Kawakubo has inspired many new designers like Belgian Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester, as well as Austrian designer Helmut Lang. The newest offspring of Kawakubo’s fashion think tank is former apprentice Junya Watanabe, who has recently attained much attention in the fashion business.