LRG Clothes + LRG Jackets 2007!LRG was founded by two young gugy Jonas Bevacque and Robert Wright beginning 1999. They shared a common passion and vision for design, independence and meaning. It was their goal to give the customer not only form and function but also something they could believe in. LRG was the first company to bridge the gap between the skateboarding and the urban communities. It has brought an edge to the skate consumer and substance to the urban consumer. LRG creates through provocating, visually stimulating and soulfully elevating gear for today`s socially conscious individual.

LRG`s main concept is simple: underground effective, overground inventive. LRG offer a clothing line dedicated to setting the standard in construction, use of rugged materials and a phenomenal attention to detail. Each season`s line demonstrates LRG`s continual goal to strike for originality beyond expectations. Deeper roots, stronger branches!