Diesel Jeans and Global Warming! Diesel jeans advertising campaigns are best known for their overtly sexual content and innuendo, right? Apparently not in 2007. Diesel jeans are side stepping their well trodden tits and arse campaigns and are opting for some fashionable social commentary. Of course, the cries of cynicism reverberate across the galaxy as Diesel jeans starts preaching about the travesty of global warming!

“It isn’t that we want to make a social or political statement,” said Dan Barton, vice president of communications for Diesel USA. “We’re taking a serious issue and putting it into Diesel’s world, a surreal avant-garde world.”

Barton also said he believed the campaign’s concept would be more effective than simply preaching about the evils of climate change.

“The problem with the idea of global warming is that it’s usually lectured to people,” said Barton.

“We don’t want to make light of the subject,” said Barton. “We want to raise it in a way that people can digest.”

Next thing we know Diesel will be making jeans out of Sugar Cane — now there’s a novel idea!