Thierry Henry + Tommy Hilfiger UnderwearTommy Hilfiger Group announced today that it has signed Thierry Henry, one of the world’s most successful and iconic sportsmen, to be an international brand ambassador in an endorsement agreement for Tommy Hilfiger men’s formal and underwear. Thierry Henry will feature in dedicated Tommy Hilfiger advertising and marketing campaigns in both Spring and Fall ‘07. The agreement also includes the design and production of a limited edition capsule collection by Tommy Hilfiger, which will be inspired by the signature style of Thierry Henry.  It will also see Tommy Hilfiger become a sponsor of Thierry’s new charity, “THe One 4 All Foundation”.

“Thierry Henry embodies a unique sense of modern style which is integral to my design philosophy,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “He is arguably the greatest player in the world’s most popular sport. Anyone who has seen him play will relate to the apparent grace he shows as he glides past opponents. Moreover, his commitment to social causes off the field is very inspiring and complementary to the current work and value of my Corporate Foundation.”

“I am delighted to be partnering with Tommy Hilfiger,” said Thierry Henry. “As an individual my fashion taste is classic, but with a modern twist. I really love the fresh, clean aesthetic and unique detailing that characterizes Tommy Hilfiger as a designer and am especially delighted that he will be one of the sponsors supporting my Foundation.”