Warehouse jeans + Duck Digger JeansWarehouse jeans began in 1995. The brand was named after the image of a warehouse in the USA where vintage clothes are stocked. Duck Digger and The Blue & Grey are both part of the Warehouse denim collection. The name of Duck Digger originates from the men who were digging for gold in the Californian Gold-rush era . Duck alludes to the jeans they wore being made of canvas duck material. The Blue & Grey Collection is all about vintage clothes.

Warehouse makes that retain a vintage feel but benefit from contemporary production techniques which help ensure comfort. The Duck Digger denim collection is based on the design and details of jeans as they existed in the 19th century, which translates the story of the denim for all generations. The Blue & Grey collection creates jeans with a blend of vintage and new school techniques. They are inspired by classic American style!