Joes Jeans + Basic FitsThe Socialite [n: classic fit] Straight across the hip and crisper in the flair, this fit gives the illusion of a long, sexy silhouette. Whether you’re attending the latest art opening, or hosting a cocktail party, you’ll fuse sophisticated glamour with red hot fashion.

The Honey [n: boty fit] Curvy voluptuous and sexy are just a few ways to describe this silhouette’s show-stopping effect. Fitted at the waist and contoured for the ultra feminine physique. Voluptuous never had it so good.

The Rocker [n: skinny flare] Long lean and flared this silhouette’s devastatingly sexy appeal captures the essence of rock and roll glamour. So whether you’re a rock star or just dating one, this fit is fashion’s answer to authentic rock and roll style.

The Muse [n: sophisticated fit] It’s no wonder that Hollywood glamour has stood the test of time. Think Marlene Dietrich. This silhouette, with its wider leg and higher waist conjures up images of a woman with a certain sophisticated style.

The Lover [n: relaxed fit] A little looser a little lower on the hip. Apparently we’ve noticed you wearing your boyfriend’s pants. This fit is just like his but made especially for you. And it’s sure to be around long after you’ve traded Kyle for Kevin, but who’s counting? There’s a definite sexiness to it all.

The Twiggy [n: skinny fit] Just suppose you discovered the perfect, super slim fit for all you lucky, long limbed individuals. Think slim, sexy, supermodel perfect. Go ahead, make the rest of them envious.

The Provocateur [n: petite fit] Inspired by all those times when late nights and genuine attraction come together, this silhouette has a shorter inseam and a higher knee break to lengthen the leg. It’s no wonder then that a petite girl in a great fitting pair of jeans has all the sex appeal in the world.

The Starlet [n: sexy fit] Super fitted contoured and sexy. This silhouette’s so stylish you’ll swear they’re couture. Think quintessential party girl as our muse. This fit is denim gone luxe.