Supremebeing Clothing + Supreme being SneakersThis season, Limited Edition Supremebeing sneakers are available for a lucky few. The Supremebeing sneakers are rumoured to be Limited by necessity and not as a marketing ploy because they are handmade. Supremebeing’s reputation for marketing and fashion integrity backs this up.

Supremebeing is based around the lives of people who love their music love their art and love their board sports. They are basically a family of artists, some paint, some sketch, some use computers, some make music… They just all live to produce inspiring things whether audio or visual. They have had quite alot of shouts lately which for them is a little strange but you may have seen them on various bands and other popular people, they look after a few snowboarders musicians / breakers / and generally nice people. Supremebeing has been on the backs of many Hip Hop artists including Roots Manuva, Hexstatic, Taskforce, Braintax, Mark b, Jehst, Rodney P & Phi Life Cypher to name a few.