Because of their status as one of the most desired jeans on the market today, RMC jeans are heavily counterfeited throughout the world. To help protect buyers from counterfeitors, Martin Yatming, aka Martin Ksohoh, founder of RMC jeans, has provided Kitmeout with the following information:

RMC Jeans1. All seams should be stitched in double yarn and not single yarn. Poorly finished button holes and sewing. Pocket lining should not be white, it is ivory and made of thicker fabric. The photo above is how fake RMC jeans look.

RMC by Martin ksohoh2. The real RMC jeans embroidery on the “Toyo Story” Collection always finishes in the side seams regardless of the waist size and fakes have a gap and do not go into the seams. The photo above is how fake RMC jeans look.

Red Monkey jeans by Martin ksohoh3. The RMC Jeans red tab should be red outside and inside, unlike the fakes which are red outside but white inside. Fake red tabs will aslo shrink after washing whilst the genuine does not.

Red Monkey Company4. Real RMC has a leather waistband patch and not imitated PVC. The patch is also single stitched with double yarn all the way round and not partly double stitched like the photo above.

RMC japanese denim5. RMC embroidery should be continuous and no denim space should be seen. On the fakes above the embroidery is out of line and does not match.

RMC fake jeans6. On these fake RMC Jeans the inside white yarn is unbalanced and poorly finished.

RMC denim7. Fake RMC Jeans are poorly stitched. Real RMC jeans are stitched by master craftsmen. The photo above is how fake RMC jeans look.

Fake RMC Jeans8. Real RMC jeans use selvedge denim produced on a 28inch loom. Fake RMC jeans are produced on a cheap machine. Fakes use poorly made denim with coloured overlocking and in some cases they “edge” the coloured denim and sew to the edge of the seams to make it look like selvedge. Fake RMC jeans also have a poor quality hem and the colour of the thread is usually too dark.

Fake RMC Jeans9. Fake RMC Jeans have a thin space of denim showing and the embroidery doesn’t line up. Also the colour of the blue embroidery changes drastically instead of fading gradually. Real RMC jeans do not show denim spacing, it is fully embroidered to the edge of the fabric and this is then turned into the side seam. The real “Toyo Story” Collection has 800,000 stitches and is more like a tapestry. The real RMC “Toyo Story” Collection has 1002 stamped on the leather patch and not 1001.