Greedy Genius Shoes = Greedy Genius Jeans = Pure Genius!The concept behind Greedy Genius is simple, to create the ultimate brand by designing and developing OUTSTANDING PRODUCT.  By drawing inspiration from the lifestyles and extensive travel experiences, the founders of the brand have managed to develop a sneaker that is uniquely relevant to their generation.  At its essence, Greedy Genius can best be described as a better then premium sneaker—one that has the right touch of color, the right combination of fabrics and is encased in a supremely deluxe package.

For the founders of Greedy Genius now is the time to take things to the next level with regards to designing and developing product that is a part of a whole lifestyle oriented experience. Sneakers are no longer regarded as simply athletic footwear, but instead have elevated to the status of a bonafide pop culture phenomenon. Today sneaker savvy enthusiasts all over the world are buying, collecting, trading, and blogging about  their footwear at a remarkable rate. Despite this reality, the partners behind Greedy Genius still felt that the sneaker market was missing a rebellious independent brand that was solely motivated by fearless, creative and innovative ideas and so they created Greedy Genius to fill that void.

Interestingly, the four young partners behind Greedy Genius are respectively from Asia, US, Europe and Africa, Each of them have also had extensive experience working in both the sportswear and footwear industries.  After working with so many prominent brands, the next logical step was for them to unite and bring their talents together to develop one monumental brand. In their own words they say, “ Honestly, we really just wanted a chance to create everything we love and have passion for: sneakers, denim, toys, eyewear, watches, jewelry, everything.  Why not?  Here is our twist on things, let us know what you think?” Greedy Genius.  The root of all evil….Don’t be misled.

Greedy Genius Shoes = Greedy Genius Jeans = Pure Genius!