Camper Shoes + Camper Trainers = minimalist conceptCamper celebrates the re-opening of one of the most mythical stores in the Japanese capital with an exclusive presentation for the Japanese media. A charming and fun event that counted on the presence of Javier Mariscal from the Mariscal Design Studio, responsible for the graphics of the store and friend and collaborator of the Majorcan firm.

For the new image of the store a minimalist concept was created based on the most primitive code of the Camper brand: Red, white and black colours. A combination that will not go unnoticed. At the same time and keeping the Japanese market in mind, a cultural statement about Japan-Occident was made using a newly invented language whose writing is based on ideograms, the Japanese kanjis. These symbols graphically represent an idea and are read vertically, from top to bottom. They can be found throughout the store, and even in the entrance door.

The store is located in the exclusive shopping area of Omotesando, where luxury and avant-garde combine to give an absolutely cosmopolitan air to the area. Discover the new Camper space:

Camper Omotesando
6-3-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,

In the Camper Shoes collection for autumn/winter 2006-2007 the subtlety of creased textures, washed, velvety, soft and warm, stand out above shrill statements, loud colours and boastful technical details. Cold countries bring us polar shades of colour, off-whites, soft filling, natural and cosy padding and fur. A constant reference is made to the classics, not only in colours and in prints and materials, but also the styles that give homage to the English classics; all are re-interpreted within the Camper aesthetic. Light weight soles and flexibility in the new constructions are a constant tonic throughout the collection.