Rupture Jeans + Rupture Jacket = Reclaim Individualism!“When all paradigms are broken, a new concept of how things should be done is born. Rupture is a newly created brand which will redefine the way Denim is worn. The romanticism of the past, patches and worn effects added to the advance technological possibilities of today, gives as a result: a brand which reinterprets tradition and blends it with contemporary ideas to create an original fashion statement.

The garments made by Rupture are unique in their fit, details and finishes. Furthermore, they include souvenirs that encourage to use imagination, to live and recreate each piece over and over again. This is a young brand, designed for eclectic, feminine and very sexy women who vibrate with fashion, make it their own, and adapt it into their way of living. Rupture, creates an universe of Denim with an unique personality, which reclaim individualism as an essential value and endorse fun and joy in getting dressed.

Rupture limits its production to 700 units per reference worldwide and every jean has a handmade wash process that makes it unique. To identify this, we place a tag in every jean that marks the number of production, in that way the owner of a Rupture Jeans has a one of a kind piece of fashion.”