Red Monkey Jeans + Martin Yat Ming = The Facts!So you want the RMC facts!! ? Here you go. Red Monkey Company is the brain-child of the forward-thinking Fashion Designer Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh. Martin is both the designer and creator of RMC jeans and is widely known for his innovative denim and intricate designs. The new RMC collection is now available and Martin Yat Ming has taken another bold and amazing step forward.

Here is an exclusive preview of 1 of the new collections from RMC, “Toyo Story”. These jeans took more than 80 thousand stitches just for the back embroidery. Not only the pockets but the full backend of an actual portrait back in the old days in Japan about Toyo. These jeans are super limited to only 83 pairs. If you find a pair grab them and run because these are a sure-fire collector’s item!