KU Clothing + KU Jeans = Original Japanese BrandWord on the vine is, KU, the original Japanese Fashion Brand, will shortly be available in Europe. KU has been one of Japan’s best kept secrets for the past 15 years — looks like the cat is now out of the bag!! …And don’t you just love their logo!!!

Key associations and personality of KU:
Spiritual, soulful
Calm, peaceful, quiet
Wise, understanding, reflective
Confident, self-possessed
Simplicity, clarity
Soft, caring, comfort,
Considerate, compassionate
Brand Essence:
KU:  The Natural, Calm, Confident Lifestyle

KU’s Promise:
KU promises to offer unique, well-constructed, quality and style that provides the customer with a sense of comfort and inner confidence. KU is a brand that speaks to you and creates an inspirational lifestyle that draws you to it with its message and promise.

Brand position:
KU has been expressed in many languages around the world. At the center of all definitions of KU is the natural place we all strive to reach, where one finds inner peace and happiness.  Ku is the self- realization that life can be enjoyed without having all the answers. 
Ku is a thinking brand. A brand with conscience.
A brand that cares and gives comfort to the wearer.