Greedy Genius Sneakers worn by Sean PaulIf you tuned in last night to see the Teen Choice Awards on Fox, you would have seen some of the biggest celebs. Music stars, movie stars, TV stars, you name it, they were there. Since the event was not so formal as many other awards shows alot of the celebs dressed up in casual form. Why does this matter to us? Because alot of the dudes at the show were wearing some hot sneakers.

Sean Paul, the hottest reggae artist to come out of Jamaica in recent times, definately showed up in style with a white blazer, casual shirt, denim, and best of all the Greedy Genius “Love and Hate” sneakers. Just recently we caught up with Slim Thug wearing these new exclusive kicks along with many other A-listers.

Greedy Genius has caught on with alot of hip hop artists, celebrities, and sneakerheads. If you are looking for a spot to get your Greedy Genius kicks head on over to SF2 where they have the full lineup of Greedy Genius kicks and matching T-shirts. The pics of the shoes we snagged from a Japanese street wear shop called 4Ride Store. We’ll keep you updated on all the things happening with Greedy Genius. This is one up and coming sneaker brand that is really catching with alot of celebs and sneakerheads.