Sugar Cane Jeans + Selvage Denim = Ultimate Denim JeansSugar Cane original vintage denim jeans were developed from the accumulated results of more than 20 years of research and experience of vintage jeans reproduction. The features of Sugar Cane jeans are that they do not resemble any other pair of other manufacturer’s jeans.  The jeans Sugar cane make are based on “5 Pocket Denim pants with rivets” that the great forerunners made but are not just a copy of their external appearance.

Sugar Cane Jeans are cut from original and truly outstanding Japanese selvage denim. Japanese selvage denim is arguably the finest in the world and is made on old style shuttle looms rather than modern projectile looms. In simple terms this means that the cross thread goes back and forth during the weaving process. Modern looms, shoot each cross thread through individually, hence the edge of the cloth is frayed rather than clean. No shuttle looms have been made for over 40 years as they can only make cloth about 30 inches wide whereas projectile looms can make cloth 60 inches or even wider for much less money.