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July 2006

1921 jeans + Japanese Denim = Ring Spun

1921 jeans + Japanese Denim = Ring SpunDenim innovator and 1921 Design Director Allan Kemp envisioned a collection with the look and feel of jeans made at the turn of the century. With access to archives that date back to the year 1921 when Western Glove Works, manufacturer of 1921 jeans and one of the oldest family-owned denim manufacturers in the North America, was founded, Kemp was able to incorporate the stitching styles of  these antique sewing machines into his design. The new collection also features actual hand-stitching which takes approximately 30 minutes per pair and is done with needles from the saddle industry.

“These antique sewing machines were not historically used in the crafting of jeans,” says Allan Kemp, Design Director for 1921. “Instead they provided reinforcement for the fabrics on which they were used. We’re modernizing these old sewing techniques by incorporating these specialized machines into our design, adding strength to our jeans while giving each vintage flavor.”

Pioneers in the trade, the innovators at 1921 have perfected techniques for constructing denim and infuse the collection with everything that a jean should be.  The foundation for each pair of 1921s is the best quality Italian or Japanese denim. The brand uses both Candiani, milled in Italy and Kaihara, an authentic ring spun denim produced on original spinning machinery in Japan. Fully handcrafted, each jean is hand-cut, treated and washed to give the denim an authentic vintage look. All abrasion detail is done using special hand tools – making each 1921 jean is distinctly different from the next. No detail is spared, down to the hammered buttons and rivets in a patina finish and the busted side seams with a selvage edge look. The brand is carried worldwide by better boutiques. In the US, Kitson, Atrium, Fred Segal and H. Lorenzo are among the top stores that have embraced the brand. Retail price points for the collection range from $150-$600.

Organic Jeans x Levi Jeans = Environmental Clothing

Organic Jeans x Levi Jeans = Environmental ClothingDenim Leader To Offer Organic Options In Its Most Popular Styles For Fall 2006. SAN FRANCISCO, July 5, 2006 – The Levi’s® brand today announced it will include jeans made with 100% organic cotton in its fall 2006 product line. Organic cotton will be used in select new and popular men’s and women’s styles within its Red Tab and, the recently launched, Levi’s® Capital E™ lines. The jeans will be identified as “Levi’s® Eco” and be available in November 2006 exclusively at Levi’s® U.S. stores with additional products to be introduced in spring 2007.

“As the inventor of the jeans category, it is critical for us to continue to innovate with our products and within the category itself in order to drive positive change,” said Robert Hanson, Levi’s® U.S. brand president. Building off the brand’s world-famous product guarantee, Quality Never Goes Out of Style, Hanson added, “Given our history as a leader in responsible manufacturing and business practices, this initiative is about quality and responsibility never going out of style. With Levi’s® Eco, consumers who seek to minimize their personal impact on the environment can choose jeans that demand less from the environment without forfeiting the style or quality they’ve come to expect from the Levi’s® brand.”

Famous for style leadership and its product iconography, Levi’s® jeans made with organic cotton will be available in a range of popular fits and finishes and marked with a few subtle identifiers. Jeans made with all, or a significant percentage of, organic cotton will be signified as “Levi’s® Eco” and feature an embroidered lowercase “e” inside the front pocket, or at the bottom of the right leg of each jean. A natural colored canvas “Levi’s®” tab and “Two Horse Patch” made from 100% organic fabric as well as natural colored pocket stitching of the brand’s famous arcuate will also indicate the jeans are made from organic cotton. All external packaging will be made from organic fabric or recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink.

Among the styles made with 100% organic cotton are the Red Tab Vintage Straight Jean for men, and the women’s Skinny Jean and Skinny Knee Knocker Short. In the brand’s super premium line, Levi’s® Capital E™, a selvedge denim Shrink-to-Fit® 501® Original Jean, and forward fits like the men’s Wrapped Skinny Jean and Skinny Slouch jeans, and the women’s Twisted Skinny and Twisted Cropped jeans will be made from 100% organic cotton. Other elements of the Levi’s® Capital E™ lines including the use of recycled buttons, rivets and zippers and natural indigo to dye some styles of jeans were employed for their minimized impact on the environment.

Global Organic Jeans Offering

The fall U.S. introduction is part of a global launch of products made with 100% organic cotton. In Europe, the Levi’s® brand will offer certified organic denim versions of its most popular styles – the Levi’s® 506 Standard Fit Jean for guys and the Levi’s® 570 Straight Fit Jean for girls. They will be available in select stores within Europe at the end of 2006. Additional styles made from 100%, or a significant percentage of, organic cotton will be introduced in both regions in 2007. [EDITOR’S NOTE: For information on Levi’s® Europe contact: Paola Brandi,; Brussels: 32-2-641-6327 ]

About Organic Cotton

Organic farming practices can be used to grow natural fibers including cotton as well as food. Organic cotton farming starts with seeds that have not been genetically modified or treated with pesticides or fungicides. During the growth phase, weed control is achieved through hand hoeing or physical removal and pest control is accomplished through the use of natural predators, trap crops and other biological and cultural practices. Farmers rely on natural processes such as seasonal freezes, rather than the application of chemical defoliants, to prompt the opening of the cotton boll and allow the cotton bud to be picked by hand or machine. From growth through harvesting, the process is monitored according to a set of organic growing standards adopted by governmental bodies including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the European Union. [Source: Organic Exchange, “Organic Cotton: Growing Together,” 2005. For more information on organic cotton, please contact Rebecca Calahan Klein,, (510) 597-9949.]

A Bathing Ape + Babies “R” Us Collaboration?

A Bathing Ape + Babies Has A Bathing Ape finally lost all credibility in the Fashion Arena? Bape madness now extends to fluffy toys which is perhaps more indicative of a Babies “R” Us Collaboration than the hallmark of a serious urban fashion brand. The nutty Bape train pulled into “sell-out” central years ago but this development has to be the most overt commercial “sell-out” so far — The A Bathing Ape cash-cow ain’t going to lay down and rollover without a fight!

Vivienne Westwood Clothing + Menswear = Anarchic Fashion!

Vivienne Westwood Clothing + Menswear = Anarchic Fashion!Vivienne Westwood’s S/S 2007 men’s collection as previewed by Vogue is nothing less than authentic, unadulterated and plain anarchic Westwood. The women who arguably put the sex into the Sex Pistols (or some say the Pis), has made a firm gender statement with her forthcoming collection; blurring the boundaries between the masculine and feminine to create a supra-sex collection — the “old bird” has still got it!

Fred Perry Clothing + Fred Perry Blank Canvas Collection

Fred Perry Clothing + Fred Perry Blank Canvas CollectionFred Perry are proud to introduce their exclusive “Blank Canvas” Collection. The “Blank Canvas” Collection is unique to Fred Perry and illustrates the brand’scommitment to support new and established design talent. The brand is inviting cutting-edge, British based designers to develop capsule ranges that combine their own, unique signature style with classic Fred Perry. Recent partnerships have included Vinti Andrews and Mrs Jones aka Fee Doran.

For their third partnership Fred Perry is working with British based Norwegian designer Siv Stoldal who has applied her signature photo-prints to both Fred Perry track jackets and polo shirts.

Forthcoming collaborations include, Jessica Ogden, July Blarne and Alisair McKimm.

Thom Browne Clothing + Thom Browne Jacket = Underlining!

Thom Browne Clothing + Thom Browne Jacket = Underlining!Alexander McQueen infamously claimed to have scribbled colourful language in the linings of Savile Row bespoke jackets intended for arisocrates including the Prince of Wales. Thom Browne, however, takes a rather more candid approach by lining his white dinner jackets with football-jersey mesh and his gray wool suit jacket with madras madness. Go Thomy!

Pamela Anderson + Stella McCartney Apparel = Ethical Fashion

Pamela Anderson + Stella McCartney Apparel = Ethical FashionPamela Anderson hosted an animal rights event at Stella McCartney’s London boutique and took the opportunity to criticise a number of high-profile Hollywood stars for wearing fur.

The former Baywatch babe was one of a number of celebrities, including Louise Redknapp, former X-Files actress Gillian Anderson and jumpsuit wearing Sadie Frost to attend the event.

Pamela Anderson handed out awards to celebrities who had fought against animal cruelty for the controversial campaigning group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals AKA PETA.

Gucci Apparel + Gucci jeans = Paul Weller Mr MOD!

Gucci Apparel + Gucci jeans = Paul Weller Mr MOD!“Gucci’s models lost about 10 pounds and several years in one season, as Giannini dumped the moody guys favored by her predecessor John Ray. Instead we got dudes who could have played in The Who or The Jam.

Brave Giannini completely changed the silhouette for the Gucci man. Under Ray, he indulged in lace collars and lots of room in riding pants and voluminous jackets, whereas she sent out the skinniest pants we have seen on any runway of late. The micro men’s jacket also starred in her line-up of Chelsea boots and tousled hair, recalling Paul Weller or mid-Sixties        Mick Jagger, though Frida did give the look an Italian twist with posh ties and lots of silk scarves.”

Godfrey Deeny