Gold Hawk Clothing + Gold Hawk Camisole = Joie de VivreMichele Dahan, originally from Montreal, began reverently flipping through the glossy pages of fashion Magazine with the unwavering knowledge of her vocation, at the ripe old age of nine. Today, to watch her at her work, flushed, passionate, and utterly engrossed, it becomes clear of what Gold Hawk, named after an exquisite black horse, means to her. To observe her break down and tumble into a love affair with a certain fabric…Her colliding infatuation with a color…her collision with a certain style or movement with the way a slip dress traverses…Her patience to discover the sublime button, the culminating lace, the crowning trim…is to witness a women utterly enamored and besotted, a woman wretchedly in love with the world of fashion.

Ms. Dahan’s final compilation reflects the capricious “Joie de Vivre” of California, while simultaneously embracing old Hollywood style. The combination of sensuality and edgy elegance is what has made this truly compelling collection stand alone in its uniqueness. The crowning jewel of the Gold Hawk look, the return of the camisole. Ms. Dahan has turned this almost forgotten classic into the new wardrobe essential.

“The camisole is the new tank top”, claims Ms. Dahan. “Each season acquiring a new Gold Hawk camisole has become a must for the women whose closet is filled with Prada, Gucci, and Chloe. Under a blazer or worn with a short cashmere sweater for an evening out…. they are just divine. Even concealed under a jacket, a women feels delicious, has a secret feeling of the power of her sensuality knowing what lies hidden.”