Dada Clothing + Dada Sneakers = Hip-Hop Highlife!Since 1995 Dada has risen to become one of the most outstanding urban brands. For the last ten years combining individual designs with classic hip-hop lifestyle has made Dada successful in every perspective. As a leading brand being competitive with high quality, great designs and good prices is Dada´s ultimate priority. Blazing the trail, the brand emphasizes its remarkable potential to lead the urban streetwear market and offers unique products in times where young men and women are craving for individuality and classic style.

Dada comes up with an impressive collection that proves its sense of innovation without neglecting the brand´s roots. There is a wide range of products, featuring styles from classic urban streetwear (including leather and denim) to functionable and stylish athletic sportswear and an extensive footwear line, reaching from extravagant, stylish sneakers to high end performance basketball shoes.