Cotton T-Shirt + Powerful Creativity = MissMessThe MissMess brand, is the brain-child of celebrated artist, Marijana Zebeljan. To paraphrase the artist’s brand philosophy: “If you’re a painter you’re usually in a glorious “Mess”. Historically speaking all greater artists are destitute, almost starving, since the masses don’t pay attention to artists until they’re long dead and buried. Artists live to buy canvas and tools to create their art and colour. To combine a love of art and a means to survive, Marijana Zebeljan puts art onto T-Shirts, Skirts and Bags; art not on canvas but accessible art on cotton – a mobile gallery exposed to the street and not hidden in a stuffy and pretentious gallery. MissMess is genuine art; colourful and powerful creativity inspired by true people and a genuine love of art. Missmess