Wrangler Jeans + Wrangler Denim Pants = Mainstream Revival!1904 C.C. Hudson founds his C.C. Hudson Overall Company. 1919 The company is renamed to „Blue Bell Company“. 1947 C.C. Hudson engages famous Western Designer Rodeo Ben who designs the 13MWZ – the very first ‘Wrangler’ and the beginning of Wranglers triumphant success all over the world. 2004 Wrangler starts its unique WANTED campaign, reflecting the attitude of modern everyday heroes. 2005 Wrangler B.Y heads into the future of jeans.

50’s Americana, early science fiction and its strong belief in the future are the creative sources of “Space Odyssey”. The feeling of “everything is possible” inspires new styles and finishes. “Inca Trail” takes its inspiration from the early south American civilization. This nature-related collection mainly uses organic materials and coloration. Tribal details of the Inca culture appear in embroideries and flock prints. With “Diamonds and Dirt” Wrangler offers additional styles for chicks that rock and reflects the glamorous and dirty life on the road.

Men’s fits vary from slim/straight to baggy, featuring an update of styles like Sharkey and Floyd. The most striking feature in women’s jeans is the rope ‘W’ stitched over both back pockets. Throughout the women’s jeans collection the backpatch is also replaced by a stitched equivalent. Introduced in 2005 Wrangler B.Y is still too new to have a history of its own but clearly aware of its roots in Wrangler’s jeans experience. Striped fabric and the brand related colors Yellow and Electric Blue are just examples of the strong and vivid B.Y DNA. With its small but strong collection of jeans and tops Wrangler B.Y heads into the future of jeans and lifestyle.