Stitch's Jeans + Stitchs Denim = Hottest Jeans in HollywoodDesigner Albert Dahan, the fashion guru behind Da-Nang Surplus, decided to return to his denim roots and create Stitch’s Jeans. Albert Dahan and his Team searched throughout Europe, Japan and the United States of America to secure the finest and most unusual indigoes for Stitch’s Jeans. You will discover that their denim has undergone extensive washes using patented processes. Stitch’s Jeans are aged in antique redwood barrels at an old laundry facility in Evansville, Wyoming. Stitch’s Jeans is a true interpretation of the Old West, fused with Rock and Roll and American values.

Stitches Jeans are widely considered the hottest jeans in Hollywood with “A-list” celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Kidman, Josh Hartnett, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Knoxville all being fans.