Robin's Jean or Robin's Jeans, it's a French Thing!French-born Robin Chretien, former designer at Blue Cult and Hudson Jeans, launched his own line Robin’s Jeans in 2005. Robin’s Jean are sold in high-end boutiques around the globe. Robin tells us his philosophy is:  “To make a women feel sexy and good, is my goal with Robins’ Jean, it’s all in the fit, with French influences on sensuality and quality, but also with the original American heart and soul of denim.”

Robin’s Jean are Purely and proudly American jeans. They are inspired by Rock n Roll freedom. They’re edgy, trendy, and above all fit like a second skin… (A touch Nudiesque with the verbage)

Robin further says: “The wings symbolize freedom, taking flight, being free like an eagle to soar to fly to catch, it reflects how wearing a great pair of jeans should make you feel – alive, free, spontaneous, able to do anything at anytime.”