Rag & Bone Jeans + Rag & Bone Apparel = Edgy Workwear!Rag & Bone Apparel is attracting well-deserved attention of late. The designs are highly original and the whole feel of the Collection is clean and edgy. Rag & Bone was born in 2001 through the shared frustrations of not being able to find the type of clothing the founders wanted to wear. They felt that there were also some very fundamental pieces missing from the process behind the product, namely the methods of manufacturing and the fabrics being used.

Initially they were drawn to denim and jeans because thay held so many of the values they felt relevant to Rag & Bone. They believe that jeans represent history, authenticity and fundamentals. Rag & Bone wanted to fuse these elements with all the clothing they set out to design and to produce collections that reflected the same qualities that they saw in classic work wear. We all missed the Rag & Bone man — at last he’s back!