Henleys Clothing + Henley Shirt = Quintessential BritHenleys was founded in the mid 90’s to accommodate the ever changing demands of the consumer. Their aim is to innovate, inspire, and to create an impact in the ever changing and demanding “high street”. Henleys is a proven success in the UK and is now ready to embark on expansion into Europe.

Mens and ladies short order ranges encompass a quintessential old school, east coast feel. Bootleggers boutique meets urban utility in downtown district 11, using deep, dark, murky colours, illuminated by flashes of retro brights. Shabby chic is juxtaposed with vintage woodland influences taking us back to an era of moonshine and honkeytonk.

Fit, fabric and finish are essential. Produced in limited numbers, encapsulating a unique feel to cargos, denim, knits and jerseywear.