Garbege T-Shirt x Garbege Hoody = VS. SeriesIn Autumn/Winter ’06, the key phrase at garbege is: Opposites Attract because of the contradiction created through the fusion of two similar, yet opposite, ideas. The selections’ theme, the “VS. Series” explores the union of two different elements on one canvas – a “Mash-Up”, which is an English/Jamaican term that means to blend two seemingly dissimilar music types into one that is designed to outshine each original. garbege internalized this theory for a Fashion Mash-Up, which seamlessly blends two of America’s most influential forms of pop culture, Rock & Roll and Hip Hop.

garbege adds graphic based cotton-cashmere blend Sweat Shirts & Hoodies to its arsenal of thought-provoking, incomparable T-Shirts this Fall. The attention to detail the label has become known for is noticeable with the use of specialized treatments and appliqués throughout the line to emphasize the conflicts and similarities of the two worlds. The Metal Band Metallica vs. Hip Hop pioneer, Africa Bambaataa inspired TShirt ($120 retail) & Sweatshirt/Hoodie ($300 retail) infuses the “Bling” of 80’s Rock and 90’s Rap culture through the use of Red Patent Leather, Black Swarovski Crystals and a Green Metallic Foil screen print. British rockers Led Zeppelin vs. the rap duo RUN DMC inspired a Tee ($40 retail) & Sweater ($120 retail) which includes Patent Leather patchwork and a soft print. The collection’s color palette picks up where last seasons’ left off. garbege introduces Heather Grey and Lavender to its basic Black and White fabric canvas. Graphic treatments remain visually striking with the use of true colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) ink processes.