Fendi Handbag + Fendi Clothing = Walmart Showdown!Fendi is suing Walmart, claiming the retail giant’s subsidiary, Sam’s Club, is selling counterfeit Fendi products at a discount. A claim, filed with a New York court, alleges that Sam’s Club is selling 12 counterfeit handbags and small leather goods as genuine Fendi products. Furthermore, it states that these products are being sold at discounts as great as 68 percent off regular Fendi prices. The Italian luxury brand is seeking an injunction and damages for trademark counterfeiting, false designation of origin and trademark dilution. It states that Walmart never purchased the articles from Fendi or one of its affiliates.

Walmart contests the claim. “The company is absolutely going to fight this,” a company spokeswoman told WWD. “We believe the complaint is without merit. We believe that we can demonstrate that the products we are selling were acquired properly and we’ll be able to demonstrate that when the suit is heard. They are actual Fendi products. We believe that we can prove that they are not counterfeits. It’s our policy not to sell counterfeit products.” Sam’s Club did not remove the items from stores, as they were believed to be “authentic”.

According to WWD, Fendi will probably try to obtain a preliminary injunction, should Walmart ignore the complaint. The company could not be reached for comment.